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Me and myselfIn this portfolio, the main issues will exemplify my personal experience, including my thoughts about life and the challenges I had faced in the past. ExperienceLiving in Africa is one of the most important experiences I ever had in my life. In fact, I had discovered the meaning of challenges and struggles. In short, I learnt how to become responsible, a man of his words. My thoughts about life were limited and simple. The best technique to learn how to do things in a proper way is to gain as much experience as possible.

I believe that the more we make mistakes, the more we learn how to tackle with the challenges. This leads us to determination that we must not fail next time. I still remember when I was 10 years old, I asked dad to recruit a computer teacher for my personal skills expansion in the field. I was so happy that at the age of 15, I was able to compete with all my colleagues at school and become number one! The teachers called me then “The Guru” most probably because they realized that a brilliant career was awaiting my path and believed that one day I would become as popular as Bill Gates. This push was the first step for me to struggle and double my personal efforts in this life.

For that, I had to challenge myself and sort out all my resources that would lead me to become a successful student. Soon after, I entered a Computer School called ‘Aptech’ in Nigeria to mainly focus on Information Systems. In addition to this, I did many minor computer jobs such as designing websites for some celebrities and teaching some students in the city.

As a result, I succeeded in achieving my goals and understanding the meaning of a professional career. I had learned a lot from my past experiences and yet I am aiming to elaborate my self-being because I assume learning is a continuous lifetime process. My three years at the Computer School made me become astute, responsible and hard-working person. Moreover, I worked at my dad’s company as an I. T manager. What I really learned from this specific job was that serious work and punctuality would be the key success factors for one’s future reputation. Mental ModelsBeing a serious person, I always plan for the future and I make sure that know exactly what I need in my life.

No one is perfect however I try to work and offer the best I can do. If I get a hint that I would not be able to handle a specific task I do not involve in it from the very beginning. My parents were the first support for the foundation of my career, financially and they supported me in personal aspects too.

They always wished I would become a doctor or engineer, but my instincts were directed towards computer and I believed through self-actualization that I could prosper more if I follow the path I wish to walk on. Since then, I decided to show them that no matter what a person’s profession is one can be a successful person if he believes in his capabilities and aptitude. For that, I intended to challenge myself.

A challenge needed more than ever so that I could show all the people (who had expectations from me) that they were at their right judgments. Therefore I decided to specialize in the computing systems and get rid of any entertaining issues that could interrupt my studies. I started working very hard. This enhanced my capacities to a very high ability.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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