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IntroductionTechnology refers to the study or skills involved in the usage of tools or systems aimed at making work easier. Modern technology is comprised of tools, machinery and production systems that have been developed by man to make his life easier. Technology has played a key role in industrialization as well as civilization as it is often used as a measuring tool to rate modernization around the world. Before modern tools were developed, man had to mechanically undertake all duties without any external assistance. However, with the invention of a variety of modern technology devices, a lot has changed in terms of making work easier.

This essay outlines the benefits availed by devices such as mobile phones, iphones, portable computers and computer software that execute plenty of tasks. DiscussionModern technology in learningThe internet which is present in numerous mobile phones as well as computers is a great source of information for students undertaking research work. The internet has a fully stocked library that has become the best source of material especially when they have to develop projects. Similarly, modern technology has also assisted teachers and other instructors to gather sufficient content which is reliable as most of the internet books are authored by scholars.

Therefore, students no longer have to peruse every book in the library to sufficient information for their assignments (Smart Classrooms, 1). Consequently, the internet which is accosted together with modern technology has proved to be essential among distance learners as well as their trainers. With virtual classrooms, the teacher is in a position to instruct students in all corners of the world from the comfort of their homes.

The other element is use of video conferencing and Skype which provide sufficient room for interactions between the instructor and students. This modern technology has made it possible for students in areas which are often affected by natural catastrophes for instance snow to continue with their lessons despite the weather conditions (Smart Classrooms, 1). Teaching has been made easier for the instructor as they may as well use PowerPoint presentations or projectors to deliver lesson contents. This is unlike earlier on when chalk and marker pens were used on board.

The advantage of technology is this case is that the instructor is able to conduct the lesson much faster as no writing is made the course of the lesson. Consequently, use of databases has made it easier to track student performance throughout their learning period. This information is often presented as a graph which is easy to interpret hence time wastage is cut down when analyzing academic performance (Smart Classrooms, 1). Modern technology at homeOur homes are comfort zones where we retreat after a days work to rest and freshen up in readiness for the next day and it is one area where plenty of advanced technology has been employed to enhance this comfort.

For instance, robots have been developed to undertake almost all duties which are done by man. Furthermore, trimming the lawn, serving meals, cleaning the house amongst other duties are often dedicated to robots which are built is such a way that they are capable of doing human activities. This makes it even better for people who have busy schedules as technology is used as an extra hand (Jin, 1).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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