Essays on Clients Visiting the Same Destination but for Different Purposes Assignment

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The paper "Clients Visiting the Same Destination but for Different Purposes" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. The increasing competition in the tourism industry has increased the bargaining power of customers and has ensured that the tours are customized according to the requirements of the customers. This has resulted in increasing the burden on the tour operators as they need to understand customer requirements and based on their needs to develop an itinerary that will provide complete satisfaction to the clients. This paper looks to present a detailed itinerary for 2 couples who are looking to visit the same destination i. e.

Venice but for different purposes. The paper also looks towards presenting the manner in which the detailed itinerary matches with the different aspect of the 7P’ s of marketing and the manner in which the different aspect of 7P’ s are looked into while designing the product i. e. itinerary Clients Information Two couples are planning to visit Venice for a week for different purposes. One of the couples is a honeymoon couple who is looking for privacy and wants their honeymoon package to be such that they are able to enjoy it to the fullest.

Further, they want romantic places and want to spend some time together so that they are able to enjoy the presence of each other. The next couple is elderly and wants a similar duration package the only difference is that they want a luxury holiday and seek to explore the history and culture of Venice. This thereby requires that a package is designed for both the couples which have to be according to the requirements of the customers to ensure maximum satisfaction Detailed Itinerary for Couple A The itinerary developed for the couple who are looking for a honeymoon trip to Venice, Italy has been provided an itinerary based on the couple requirements.

The itinerary has been developed keeping in mind that the requirements of the customer and while designing the package it has been ensured that the package includes both the lunch and dinner along with breakfast. The package tour has also been developed as a “ Semi-Private Tour” as the honeymoon couples are being provided with personal care to take care of their privacy as people coming for a honeymoon wants so. The package tour also ensures that the honeymoon couple will be dealt on a private basis as they will have their individual cars except in certain situations when the couple will have to sake some popular small tours with groups of different people.

Special care has also been taken to ensure that the couples are provided with privacy even during their travel from one city to another. Along, with it, the tour provider will provide complete details regarding the place of visit and will also ensure that all details are provided in advance and the couple doesn’ t have to wait for anywhere are queues or lines.

Special care has been taken to ensure that the itinerary developed provides comfort as well as the pleasure of traveling.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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