Essays on Canon - Key Strategic Implementation Issues and Strategy Evaluation Case Study

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The paper “ Canon - Key Strategic Implementation Issues and Strategy Evaluation” is a spectacular variant of case study on management. The process of strategy implementation in Canon was made easy by the fact that the company first conducted a SWOT analysis to identify its internal strengths and weaknesses, the available opportunities and prevailing threats. It is opportunities and strengths analysis that the company used so that it could make use of opportunities and deal with the threats. Canon can be said to have adopted the Whittington (2001) processual approach to strategy implementation.

According to this approach, strategic implementation involves a lot of learning and adaptation by the entire organization’ s team. The process, therefore, required the employees of Canon to make various changes and adjustments to their usual practices and perspectives so that they can conform to the strategy. However, due to proper strategic planning, the strategic implementation process was easy to effect. The use of this approach requires a number of changes to be made to the strategy rather than changing the strategy altogether. This approach also gave the employees a chance to take part in the strategy implementation process by giving feedback on any loops in all the stages of implementation. Canon used this very effective approach in strategy implementation.

The strategic plan that had been laid down by the company’ s strategic planning unit had stated the inputs regarding resources and capabilities from various divisions of the company. The strategic planning unit had provided information regarding the strategy to these divisions which had created medium rage strategic plans at the division levels which were eventually consolidated at the strategic planning unit.

The divisions were allowed to make those plans based on the medium-range plans that focused on budgeting which is a major tool for resource allocation. Feedback from the divisions to the strategic management unit is given at all the stages of strategy implementation. Generally, the strategy implementation method that was used by Canon was a bi-directional communication system that could promote future planning and monitoring of the implementation process instead of a directive approach where the strategic planning unit could have established a strategy without the input of the divisional managers who were responsible for the strategy execution.

This approach, however, gave room for continuous evolvement by the organization as it adjusts to the changes in its external environment (Egner, 2009). The processual approach that canon adopted in the process of strategy formulation and execution allowed business units that were involved in the process of implementing the strategy to be able to add some inputs in the formulation process. This is because the process of strategy formulation and implementation are interrelated. This approach may however only work for firms that have vertical integration of the various divisions such as that of Canon.

Basically the key to the success of this process is the fact that the company allowed participation of all the divisions and this promoted its acceptability. There were, therefore, no issues such as resistance from the employees since they had been involved in the entire process of planning through their division managers. The company, therefore, can be said to be at the star level in the BCG matrix which could be attributed to the functionality of the strategy.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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