Essays on The Ambitious Increase in Missed H.O.R.S.E Shots Coursework

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The paper "The Ambitious Increase in Missed H. O.R. S.E Shots" is a delightful example of coursework on sports and recreation. The reports from a local public basketball court on Monday indicated an increasing trend of missed shots of two young H. O.R. S.E young players. Earlier sources reported multiple dramatic three-pointers misses from shorter distances. The misses from short, obvious distances point at a lack of talent in the field of play hence, the young men should relocate to different sports. The missed shots looked funny according to the multiple fans that sacrificed their precise time to come and witness the match.

The humiliation became evident on the faces of fans who could only dream about victory for their team. Despite the humiliating misses, the players stepped further back on the court and took four consecutive turns launching half-court shots. Unfortunately, all the four shots went astray as it is the normal case in the players’ profiles. The shots indicated the players’ perfection in the misses with the ball bouncing back the backboard without even touching the rim. With the negative reports, it is clear that any professional coach should not accord a slot for them in their teams unless the team objects to lose.

Every fan devoted to the team shifted the mindset from wishing the team success to anticipating loss that they became sure about. The young players are a symbol of poor performance hence their inclusion in a team is a direct booking to lose a basketball competition. Just like other star players, the two players called out Swish prior to a number of their shots. A recorded instance is when trying to hit an impossible one hundred-turnaround fade away from the baseline (The Onion editors 1).

The two players are best and at their pick only during individual shows when there are no opponents, fantasy basketball suits them most and not a reality show. At press time, one of the wasteful players confidently walked behind the basket for an unsuccessful attempt at striking the ball over the backboard. The futile shots are a usual practice and art associated with the young players, and every fan anticipates it every time they attempt on a shot.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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