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Yahoo case analysis Yahoo! ’s Strategy and its Transition under the Different CEO’s Yahoo! ’s original strategy was to capitalize on advertisement revenues for its income and profitability. This implied attraction and retention of advertisers through maintaining an audience base that the advertisers would target. The strategy experienced multiple transitions under different CEO’s but with the aims of sustaining profitability and value to investors. Semel replaced Koogle as the company’s chief executive and changed the strategy to target diversified sources of revenues that included job search services and music services. Acquisition of firms that offered this services became part of the strategy that also included development of the company’s own search engine.

With the appointment of Bartz, Yahoo! ’s strategy shifted to managerial efficiency and content quality in which reshuffles and employee turnover occurred. Transition in strategy also occurred under Mayer with focus on employees’ morale, quality content, and innovation. These changes in strategy have however focused on ensuring profitability and satisfaction of the company’s investors. Marissa’s Initiatives for Configuring Yahoo, Remaining Challenges and Analysis of Success PossibilityMarissa Mayer has initiated diversified changes in her bid to configure Yahoo!

She has offered employees new phones and free services at the cafeteria in an attempt to boost employees’ morale. She has also changed Yahoo! ’s web page and brought in new talent for quality improvements. She has also changed the organization’s human resource tradition of working from home and required all employees to work from the company’s offices. Mayer has succeeded in reviving the company and the remaining challenges are need for sustainability and need for improvements. Based on her experience with a competing firm and the success that she has made, since previous executives failed to attain this, she is likely to succeed in ensuring sustainability and improvement in the firm’s revenue, investors’ satisfaction, and customers’ base.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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