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Russia world cup organizing committeeContracts to letRussia as the stage for the 2018 FIFA World Cup competitions requires substantial infrastructures to make the competitions a success. The required infrastructures will include transport networks, hotels and accommodation centres, and stadiums. To meet the structural requirements and deadlines it is essential that the world cup committee organizing the events in Russia identify the groups that will assist in the constructions and assign contracts. To this end, the following contracts will be let to those that prove they have the capacity in resources to meet all the requirements. Development of infrastructure – Russia has an under-developed transport infrastructure that will hamper the transportation of people from one area to another during the competitions.

The infrastructure includes rail and road that are not well developed to cater for the increased flow of traffic that will be expected during the period and airports. The competitions will take place in 13 cities, which will have a large mileage network for spectators and players to cover. Therefore, the country requires building additional miles of rail tracks and roads. For the roads, the approved contracts will be for developing 4,791 miles, while the rail track will require 1,257 additional miles (‘New build world cups’ n. d.).

This will cater for the high-speed road and rail network required for the games. The constructions will require more than £ 20 billion to complete, which means each contractor will require a substantial investment to the work. Airport upgrades in addition to roads and rails, people will use airports, which is primarily the way many people will enter the country for the competition.

To cater for the increased flow of passengers and planes, Russia will need a well-developed airport system than currently available. Therefore, the committee will give contracts for upgrade of airports to cater for international and local flights. Hotel accommodations - the committee is also letting contracts for the development of hotels working with owners to ensure enough capacity and quality. The large crowds associated with the world cup competitions requires substantial accommodations to cater for them. Therefore, Russia will require development of hotels and accommodation centres to house the guests. This will be done through collaboration with hotel owners and constructors.

The committee will also work toward having a world cap city that will be hosting the events thus requiring good establishment of an infrastructure network and accommodation. Upgrading of stadia - the event requires 16 stadia to cater for the entire event. The committee has identified three stadia that will require upgrading as of present, while the rest needs building from the beginning at a cost approximated at £ 2.4 billion (OMG Shots 2010). Each stadium requires a minimum capacity of 80,000 to hold the final game, which the country does not have, hence the need for the constructions. Prequalification procedure for appointment of contractorsConsidering the huge amount of work to be done to cater for the games, it will be essential to choose contractors with the required qualifications to meet the requirements.

Moreover, the competitions are just a few years away requiring the country to work with speed, which needs reliable contractors. The following prequalification procedure will be used in the appointment of contractors.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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