Essays on Identifying Emerging Market Opportunities Assignment

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The paper "Identifying Emerging Market Opportunities" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. A marketing opportunity deals with a new demand trend that a firm can exploit; this trend usually is one that the competitors have not exploited. Let us consider Cadbury plc, this firm manufactures soft drinks. For them to market their products, using the internet is one effective way of reaching a worldwide market. However, it is clear their web site only has financial details and nothing related to marketing. Therefore, among the many ways that the company can improve its clientele response, the firm can use the internet to collect demographic data that print an image on the sale of their product. Focusing on the consumer market is also a reliable market opportunity; lastly, the company needs to focus on demand management, all these factors link to each.

By having demographic data, they can understand what their clients prefer, this way they can satisfy their consumers and thus have control of their demand market. In my opinion, company success largely depends on consumer satisfaction. This is the company’ s low hanging fruit, and consumer satisfaction would reflect an increase in demand, which results in an increase in sales (Kotler and Armstrong, 2007).

This marketing strategy yields a positive response. Apple Computer Inc, this firm is a multinational company it's market opportunities include considering a merge with companies such as Intel or Microsoft. This will enhance a healthy relationship that proves impossible without this merge. Focus on consumer demand would benefit the company especially with the current rise in laptop growth. Finally, a look into the product market, a view into their clientele, research on their market would give a clear view on their consumer needs, and enable them to retain their market while opening up other markets (Khanna, Palepu and Sinha, 2005).

The merger will be the low hanging fruit, the consumer needs that can be home run, and the product market categorized as a singles opportunity. The risks involved by applying these opportunities would include a loss in the company’ s name, in case of a merge, probably ownership. Taking care of consumer needs will be a probable rise in the market and a rise in demand; these can reflect a positive effect on satisfying the demand or a negative if the company fails to meet the demand.

Apple Company ties with other companies have always been weak, therefore; the merge will be the most probable opportunity for this firm. The above opportunities for implementation reflect positively on the company and a probable improvement in the company’ s financial status. Lastly, let us consider a Southwest airline, a major U. S. airline that provides short-haul, High frequency, point-to-point, low-fare service. Their focus on opportunities includes labor market the company plans on sending some of its employees for extra studies this focuses on improving the services provided to consumers.

A positive strategy ensures retaining customers and attracting more customers.   Product positioning is another important strategy, the way their services attract consumers contributes to the firm’ s success or failure. Consumers get to compare these services with other airlines, how consumers define these services; they categorize and position them in their minds. A good service retains a consumer (Kotler and Armstrong, 2007). Finally, embracing technology, using the internet to market their services as well as carry out research on the feedback of consumers on their services.

The internet market will be the home product positioning is the low hanging fruit in this case; a quality service retains and attracts clientele. Probable risk encountered in applying this strategy is a case of stiff competition from other airline companies. However, the positive market response is expected and a better financial turnover with time.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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