Essays on Performance Management and Appraisal Case Study

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The paper "Performance Management and Appraisal" is a great example of a case study on management. All organizations must face up to the challenge of how to evaluate, utilize and develop the skills and abilities of their employees to ensure that organizational is achieved, and also to ensure that individuals gain as much satisfaction as possible from their jobs while making effective contributions. As competition in many markets becomes more intense and global in nature, the importance of performance appraisal has been recognizing as a key element of strategic human resource management (Anderson, 1993). The essay shall give recommendation on how to improve Colbran Medical Institute’ s performance appraisal method.

Apart from this it may also pinpoint the advantages of such a method. AnalysisPerformance appraisal is according to Fletcher (2001) “ common phrase for a variety of activities which organizations use to evaluate employees and develop their ability, improve performance and select employees for rewards. Research regarding this issue has always been something important for industrial and organizational psychologist as well as for Human resource management experts. Performance appraisal usually has a problem in over estimating the performance. Key Performance factors are apart of every job, apart from the duties employees are expected to even do a few other things.

The supervisor is to assign the majority important of those factors as vital factors based on the employee’ s past appraisals and performance. These vital factors extremely important for the employee. For examples of key performance factors may be communication, ability, obedience, dependability, growth, inventiveness, highly effective, and quality. key performance may also include factors like reliability, corporate citizenship, management, results orientated, and decision-making. Apart from feedback towards the employees whose performance is appraised, the committee must be prepared to write a report for the senior mangers in the institution executives if it is deemed necessary.

The developmental function of appraisal is concerned with improving the performance of people by identifying areas for improvement, setting performance targets for the future, and agreeing plans for follow up action. This aspect also involves developing the capacity of people through formulation plans to develop their skills and careers, and helping individuals to reconcile their job and career aspirations with opportunities available in the organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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