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@2010Introduction The organizations in the current world are facing challenges concerning interpersonal and group communication in their work places. This is as a result of changes in the lifestyles caused by reforms in the environmental factors such as economic political and social. Communication is most essential in any organization requiring group work as it enables the individuals to interact and fully understand each other hence makes it possible to combine efforts and work as a group. Communication is a process which requires some parties and steps and it is considered to be complete when the intended message reaches the receiver and he fully understands its meaning.

The importance of the communication is reflected by the performance of Fonterra Dairies New Zealand (Oecd, 2005). Fonterra is considered to one of the largest dairy firms which exports approximately 20 million tones of dairy products per year especially in USA and Asia. This has made New Zealand to be most famous across the world due to its dairy products. It has customers across 14 countries of the world. The study below considers the impacts of communication in effective management of Fonterra Dairies New Zealand. The forms of communication used by Fonterra Dairies New Zealand As a dealer of the most perishable products which requires faster markets to avoid losses hence meet its targets as the main source of revenues for New Zealand.

The strong network between the parties involved in the marketing of the products is enhanced by good and effective communication processes considered by the management. Their communication is general and involves all the forms under the various methods like oral, written and electronic. According to the information provided by the second CEO of the organization, Andrew Ferrier, the management concentrates more on the organization communication techniques.

The leader said that according to his observations, substantial amount of management time is spent while directly communicating to the shareholders. These are people who are accountable for the ownership of the organization by contributing to raw materials used. While addressing the students of Auckland University’s Business School, the CEO said that various forms of communication are considered so as to reach as many audiences as possible and effectively communicate the intended message.

The farmers who are the shareholders of the organization have differing levels of illiteracy thus requiring different forms of communication suitable for their understanding (Davidson et al, 2009 pp. 3). In the current world, the meaning of communication is changing depending on the methods used and the reforms in the lifestyle. Many of the researchers categorize communication into non-verbal and verbal depending on the forms used. The verbal communication mostly uses the form of oral communication or the use of words; this mostly involves the use of sounds and speeches.

The non-verbal kind of communication which does not involve the use of words, this is mostly applied to the parties who are less educated or physically challenged hence cannot use the verbal forms. Communication as the key to evolution and it has highly evolved with the changes in the lifestyle of the people. The management of the Fonterra Dairy firm concentrates more on communication so as to bring together different parties involved in the production, manufacturing and marketing processes of the products. These include: the farmers as the producers, the staff members in the organization who carry out the manufacturing process and customers are the most important as they consume the final products and bring in income in the organization (Auer, 2010 p.


Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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