Essays on Effective Communication Strategies in West Location Store Assignment

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The paper "Effective Communication Strategies in West Location Store" is a worthy example of an assignment on business. I hope you are faring well. I am a communication consultant who helps various companies that have communication-based problems and communication-based successes. I am, therefore, writing you this letter with regard to analyzing or explaining the practices and situations in terms of communication in one of your chain stores in west location. As a matter of fact, the West location is the one that generates more revenue in comparison to the other stores. In that case, it has an extremely great success reputation.

Thus, it is essential to address the needed professional skills of communication by workers and managers of the store for purposes of increasing the overall performance of the store. This is because, communication skills that are effective are directly related to the manager’ s function to direct, lead, plan and organize. In that case, a skilled manager should always base her or his focus on the ways of improving organization communication for purposes of fostering better understanding among organization employees.

As such, conflicts will be minimized and there will be an influence on behaviors and attitudes that will enhance positive interactions in the workplace. Ideally, the store has a perfect working relationship between employees and managers. However, there are a few problems here and there that need attention. For instance, there exists a conflict between the organization employees when it comes to delineating of after-hours cleaning duties. Pete being put in charge of delegating cleaning tasks by Viviane Raton the store’ s manager, the other employees feel that they have been given the heaviest task unlike him who has allocated himself the easiest task.

When confronted by the fellow workers, he answers them rudely as he considers himself a good team leader and delegator. In addition to that, the company had a presentation to the strip mall owners in which the location of the company has been leased, but unfortunately the store manager used a joke that was perceived inappropriate to the Hispanics and upon reading a few texts from her presentation slide, some two individuals lost interest. The mission statement of the store” Happy Pets, happy people” is very appealing.

Its location at the entrance attracts customers. Unluckily, an anonymous person has written a word that is vulgar across the sign and the store employees are not aware of it. This is quite dangerous as it may shun away customers. Thus, there is a need for both the store’ s manager and her employees to be made aware of the effective communication strategies as I will illustrate in this letter. Verbal communication is only enhanced when an individual is an effective listener. In that case, the employees need to understand that listening does not necessarily mean hearing but necessitates the understanding of other people’ s points of view.

It is important to take time before you utter any word for purposes of articulating yourself clearly. This is what the manger of the west location store lacks. For purposes of eliminating conflict within the employees, there is a need to organize small group organizations where individuals can air out their problems. For instance, the problem of cleaning tasks can be solved by rotating the duties among the store employees.

To ensure effective communication in the store, the employees need to understand the importance of letting other people talk. In cases of a presentation, don’ t let yourself do all the talking. This is because what you might be discussing may be interesting to you and you alone. It is ethical if you consider other people in the meeting by giving them an opportunity to be part and parcel of communication. In that case, it is important to seek for non-verbal signals that you are boring. It is therefore important to engage people in discussions so that people can give their comments regarding the situation at hand.

In conclusion, to ensure the continued success of the store, it is essential for employees and managers to view things with respect to customers’ perspective as this will help in improving the store standards and taking ownership at a team level and individual level. Thanks Yours Sincerely,

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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