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Case Study You Decide Week 5 You Decide Week 5 Profit maximization through satisfaction is the primary objective of any business. An organization that is tends to neglect its customers will suffer in the long run. So, whenever there is an implication about customer dissatisfaction or company notices some comments from outsiders regarding matters such as poor service, technical failures or missed assignment that reduces the goodwill of the organization or make customers to try alternatives; the company can’t just stay still. This is particular with a budding organization which strives to increase its reputation.

Only those organizations that immediately react to the problems can be successful. Here the problem may be genuine or not; still, the company must take steps to solve them. After getting vague information about customer dissatisfaction, organization must earnestly look for further details. In this highly competitive world we may easily lose customers if we fail to consider even their smaller plights. Here I must criticize the imprudent stand of Dori Lately, the Operations manager. This is not just a problem of handling customers.

New customers approach an organization only after realizing the quality of the service rendered by it. So, they cannot be misjudged. If they don’t get what they expect, they can propagate a bad message about the organization that may prevent other prospective customers also from demanding the services of the organization. Moreover, we must set aside little more dollars for resolving customer issues. If not, financing a detailed research won’t be possible if it is suddenly demanded. We had better adopting a strategy of resolving problems in its embryo state itself. I agree with the opinion of Philip Fried, the Service Manager.

However, we have no access to the problem until we come to know about it. In order to get better idea about the problem our representatives should have an interaction with the customers. The schedules must be prepared by some experts and so customers won’t even think we are having problem. We shall not be reactive alone, but be proactive so that such issues can be anticipated before they take place. Considering the opinion of Bob Yeader the Sales Manager, the organization must appoint a team to analyze and study deeper into the problem- a typical intelligence work.

For, often, such a little tip of the problem customer dissatisfaction, when probed further, leads to a real research problem. So, what I personally recommend here is a detailed marketing research. This marketing research must be conformed to the procedures of scientific research. The team must make a clear and objective study of its service design, market and transfer activities like distribution and advertising. The major advantage of conducting marketing research is that we can study the service, customers and promotion activities distinctively.

At the end, we will be capable of identifying whether such a problem exists or it has been fabricated by some crooked mind in order to defame the organization. However, conducting such a research will, in no way, be a loss. Instead, they will help to know the expectations of customers and implementing rightful promotion. In short, all these will lead to reducing uncertainty by providing vital information that can facilitate decision making.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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