Essays on Obesity Metaphors by Barry, Brescoll and Brownell Article

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The paper "Obesity Metaphors by Barry, Brescoll, and Brownell" is a perfect example of an article on social science. The authors aimed to determine how using metaphors would affect different perceptions of individuals that greatly influence the design and implementation of policies targeted to reduce obesity rates in the country. Through initially providing an effective academic background on the use of metaphors in various human interactions and behavior, the authors explained its use for reasoning and its important role in forming a public opinion regarding the obesity issue. A study was conducted using the “ Yale Rudd Center Public Opinion on Obesity Survey, in late 2006 through early 2007, to examine Americans’ beliefs regarding obesity” (Barry, Brescoll and Brownell 15).

With sixteen policies that aim to reduce obesity rates, the findings revealed that the effective use of obesity metaphors proved increasing support of governmental policies that aim to reduce the obesity problem. The article was completed in the discussion of the identified topic. It was likewise effectively structured using appropriate sub-headings and a clear and understandable language. Considerable amounts of secondary sources of authoritative references, totaling 45, supported the arguments within the discussed issues.

The use of tabular forms in summarizing results summarized the relevant information, as needed by the readers. For instance Table 5 clearly identified and summarized the metaphors explaining support for the 16 explicitly determined obesity policies (Barry, Brescoll and Brownell 35-36). Appropriate limitations for the study were also noted and implications for applicability were presented. The source is therefore very useful for the current study which aims to determine whether the obesity problem is actually a reality or just a myth.

Through establishing identified metaphors which influence the design of obesity policies, the findings from the study assisted in confirming the current study’ s arguments. However, other authoritative references are needed to finally arrive at the required evidence for the study at hand.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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