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The paper "The Born-Global Firm by Gary Knight and Tamar Cavusgil" is an outstanding example of a business article. This is a critical review of the article titled “ The born-global firm” is written by Gary Knight and Tamar Cavusgil. Gary Knight is an associate professor at Florida State University. He has done research on international marketing strategy, international entrepreneurship, and the internationalization of small and medium-size enterprises. He has written over sixty journals and refereed conference articles. He has vast experience of teaching across universities like Paris, Tokyo, Valencia, and London.

He attained his Ph. D. at Michigan State University. Professor Tamer Cavusgil is a faculty chair at Michigan State University. He specializes in early internationalization, international marketing strategy, as well as export trade policy. He has written several books and more than one hundred refereed articles. He serves as the editor-in-chief of the Journal of International Business Studies and sits on editorial review boards of several professional publications. This article was published in 2004 and has been revised once. The main aim of this article is to the role of innovative culture as well as organizational capabilities within the early adoption of internationalization and international performance within global born firms.

This article is well researched and provides a rich addition to internationalization literature. It also gives suggestions for further research. The critical review analyzes the article in detail. This article investigates widespread of the emergence of born globals across the world. The authors look at the phenomenon of early internationalization as well as capabilities that born globals for attaining superior performance within the international markets. The phenomenon seems to be largely universal in almost all main trading countries.

Born globals develop rapidly to become international entities. Early internationalization is likely driven by globalization of markets and technological advances in production methods, information and communication technologies, international and transportation logistics hence reducing transaction costs as well as facilitating huge growth in international trade (Sharma & Blomstermo, 2003).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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