Essays on Young Good Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne Book Report/Review

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The paper "Young Good Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne" is a wonderful example of a book review on literature. Young Good Brown is a canon written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The prolific uses both symbolism and imagery to relay the exciting piece of literature. Brown, who is the protagonist in the story, leaves his wife Faith to go to an unknown destination. Brown, who is young and naive, is persuaded his wife to stay home through the night. However, he does not hide to his calls and instead leaves unceremoniously to the darkness (Hawthorne, 2005, p. 1). In the last paragraph of page 8, Brown is initiated in what seems to appear as a cult that practices devil worshipping.

Shockingly, he discovers that his lovely wife is in the evil activity that is widespread among the local community. He is convinced that Faith is part of the wicked ratchet of devil worshipers because of the ribbon that she has which symbolizes the membership of the cult. Brown is disgusted given that it seems that he had not learned his wife prior to marrying her. Out of the disbelief of the unfolding events, he shouts his wife's name loudly.

He remains unsure about his wife’ s reaction after having discovered that he was in the middle of a dream (Hawthorne, 2005, pp. 8-13). Coincidentally, the next morning, Mr. Brown meets the religious leader he had dreamt the previous morning. The head seemed to be preparing for the sermon for the day. Brown resented him because he felt that he was preaching water while at the same time drinking wine. During the day, he seemed he behaved like a saint but in the night he practiced devil worshiping and witchcraft.

The bad dream Brown haunts him while attending the church service. According to the piece, religion has become so much hypocritical with people using religion as a cover-up for their evil deeds (Hawthorne, 2005, pp. 8-13).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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