Essays on Zinns Burgers and Pizza Business Performance Assignment

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Part A Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza faces several problems due to internal and external factors. Customer’s tastes are changing and people are looking for healthier eating options. Stakeholder’s groups such as the community expect fast foods to comply with environmental standards. The company has strengths such as having excellent locations and favorable stores schedules. The firm has not taken advantage of its opportunities due to limitations in basic industry aspects such as product offering in its menus. Since the stores open until late the company could add to its menu a variety of premium coffees and hot drinks.

There is no product innovation at Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza. The company faces several operational problems. There are staff related problems among its human resource department. The company has major deficiencies in its late night operations. There is no store manager in the late shifts, thus the supervisory role is handed out to untrained workers who receive a small bonus on top of their hourly rate for the added responsibilities. The stores lack an adequate compensation package for its employees. The stores also face problems due to poor aesthetics presentation in its stores.

The locations are poorly decorated and designed. The marketing department has not done an adequate job advertising the stores favorable late night schedule. The managers of the company have not invested adequate resources to upgrade the cooking equipment of its facilities. The employees suffered from motivational problems due to poor job design and inadequate working conditions. Part B The organizational culture of the restaurant is poor. There is a lack of leadership in the organization and the employees are working under stressful working conditions.

The problems with the night shift demonstrate a lack of concern for the well being of the employees. Workers are being given tough responsibilities for which they are not being adequately compensated. The poor conditions of the building and equipment are hurting employee morale and hurting the image of the firm. Due to the poor organizational culture the employees are not motivated to perform at a higher level. The customers are being hurt by this culture due to poor customer service. The culture of the firm does not encourage creativity, innovation, and communications of ideas among the employees.

Part C Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza can improve its operations by making changes to its operations. The company needs to improve its revenue in order to compete with the giant the industry which includes Burger King, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s. These other companies have aggressive marketing campaigns that reach the masses. Zinn’s needs to invest money in its marketing function. The human resource function of the firm needs immediate attention. The company could create the new position of night manager.

If delegation and empowerment continues to be used the employees need receive a higher compensation rate. The business should invest money in an interior designer to give its stores a more attractive look. The owners should remove all outdated cooking equipment from its stores and replaced them with new equipment.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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