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Executive summaryThe purpose of this paper is to provide a well detailed analysis report of the social website, Twitter Inc as a company. This is a social networking site as well as a micro-blogging service for interactive purposes for the users. The report intends to assess the effectiveness of the social website by reviewing the contents, the social business, political and educational approaches to which these contents apply. This considers that the users of the website have the ability to post updates of any kind. The users are therefore, exposed to unpredictable pieces on information the may or may not be useful. The analysis explores both the internal and external environmental factors that will affect the design of both management and business strategy.

It is these strategy designs that determine the success and competitiveness of companies. The situational analysis makes known that the websites content has no definite limits on what a user may or may not post. Consequently each text posted by either a user or the administration relates to a different objective. This finding therefore shows that twitter. com is more than just a social site but a platform for business and even politics.

The company itself is business; the term social is thus broadly used. Situational analysisThis paper the SWOT Model and Porter’s Five Forces Model to analyze the environment of Twitter. Additionally, those discussed include the challenges faced by the company, its major competitors as well as Twitter’s working competitive advantages, considering the company’s current strategic main concerns. In as much as the weakness of the company can be defined by the user preference and administrative strategy, the strength of the company may also be determined by its real-timing, how informative it is and the ease of access to the company’s services by either visiting the website, text messaging, mobile or web applications.

It is also available in at least 30 languages currently. Competitor analysisThe report establishes that the market for social site networks has a number of websites meant for social purposes; the competition is as serious as imaginable. The five forces that can be illustrated by the Porter’s Five Forces Model may include; user preference, regional acceptance, competition, user privacy and administrative strategy.

Each of this was renamed accordingly for suitability and compatibility in this Twitter case. Success keysThe factors that drive this company to success probably stand out as expected. Twitter has been written in other thirty languages and that is strength. The strategies adopted make the company’s goals and objectives achievable. Table of contents Macro environment trends that impact on the industry in the near future10IntroductionIn as much as the report analyses the important elements of Twitter, the most important part of the analysis is findings obtained by the SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces models of analysis.

Situational analysisSWOT analysis (Twitter)An analysis of external environment which has direct effect on its operation determines strengths and opportunities against any weaknesses and threats of a company. (Hughes, Rowe, Batey, Lee, 2011).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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