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Simple as it sounds, but we aim to help students study better. How? We’ve created the resource where students can get inspired for efficient and independent research which leads to flawless and creative writing. Here you can find useful tips and illustrative paper samples that will fuel your desire to craft a winning piece or simply make you a better learner.

How we make your life easier?

Our story begins with a small group of enthusiastic young people, who wanted to make the most out of being a student. Still, there were some issues we had to go through every day. Namely, we’ve hit a

  • lack of information for writing academic papers
  • lack of time
  • tight deadlines
  • lack of help with editing papers

Those issues were haunting us during the whole period of our studies. Thus, when graduated, we came up with an idea of a platform, where each student could contribute own work, share thoughts and get help from other students.

This story happened almost five years ago. We managed to start our EssayIntl website and insanely grew from that time. Nowadays we have the most significant online database of essay samples and loads of additional services to offer. Our mission is to make each student’s life easier.

We collect best essay samples

Writing a paper might be a tough quest, especially when you have dozens of sources and a significant lack of time. What we have is an enormous database of the best essay samples. EssayIntl covers 40+ subjects and thousands of topics. Enter your keywords or whole topic and go through the best papers written by other students. So, your research time would be reduced twice! Grab coolest ideas, find out how to put thoughts in the correct order and learn from others!

We write your papers

Each of us was in that tricky situation when there is only one night left before the paper due. What did we do when we were students? Well, first there was panic, then some crying, and only afterward we could start working on the essay. It took the whole night to complete it, so the next day was lost entirely, usually. If you ever face the same problem, remember of your guardian angels, - professional writers. They are best in their fields and can complete a beautiful essay for you while you sleep.

We help you polish your essay

Nobody out there to take a look on your essay? We’ve been in your shoes! So, once we had the very first opportunity, we hired loads of specialists in Rewriting, Editing and Proofreading. Send them your essays and get them polished to a perfection. Forget all the typos, grammar mistakes and plagiarism. Our guys will uproot it all.

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