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The paper "The Act of Kindness in the Society" is a great example of an essay on sociology. Human behaviors are responses generated from the environmental stimuli. In as much as there are intrinsic traits that people are born with which unconsciously predispose them to the certain fashion of action, values, beliefs and thought patterns among others, they are all products of environmental influences that are acquired during socialization. Virtues such as kindness, humility, patience, self-control, obedience, and loyalty can all be acquired and practiced if one wishes. Religious teachings and socialization have shown immense contributions in inculcating these spirits in individual members of the society.

Talking from my personal experience, kindness is a significant spiritual element that has a far-reaching impact on interaction and relationship building amongst people. From the Christian teachings which I have now embraced for about four months, I learned that kindness is a virtue that precedes any moral action that one anticipates. The motto of the church I attend is ‘ Know Jesus, Love like Him’ which basically sends the message of ‘ Jesus-like’ love to its members. These teachings have laid a strong foundation for me to build the spirit of love, courtesy, kindness and care to fellow humans.

The Christian teachings that promote peaceful co-existence and justice in the society have rooted in me a set of positive values making most of my actions sanctified. The three-day kindness activity exposed a number of issues that are a real eye-opener in relationships and interactions. It was unbelievable to note the reactions and responses of people when they were showed love and affection. When I surprised the people who were close to me with items I knew they really needed at that moment, the response was marvelous.

It could be seen from their faces how much their hearts jollied and sparkled with appreciation. How they treated me instantly changed and the environment positively changed. Those that I had lost interconnectedness with responded more positively and their attitudes, judgments, and perception toward me became positive; an indication that people react to how you treat them and to get the best out of them means you have to treat them pretty well.

Those who least expected me to act in kindness were much more surprised and reacted more actively responded to my kindness than those who were close to me. As much as the Christian principles have mainstreamed me into having a positive outlook and exhibiting morally good behaviors, the manner in which I was brought up and the myriad challenging experiences have restricted my full exhibition of kindness. Deep within me, I struggle with my thoughts to scrap away the negativity towards people so that I can show people kindness that is both internally and externally generated.

This experience has further identified this struggle and exposed various nuances in which I find myself prejudiced. Conclusion It is true that the act of kindness can have an extensive transformation in the society and it only takes one to act a little different; abandon their routine uncourteous behaviors and show love, care, and kindness to people. The response that is likely to be received is splendid. People respond positively to positive actions and vice versa, therefore, to inspire the world one has to choose positive behaviors.

From my experience, I have committed to progressively continue working on restructuring my thought patterns so that they may bring out kind behaviors having observed what kindness bears. This plan is based on the fact that kindness is right and not because I am challenging myself.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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