Essays on A Global History of Modern Historiography by Iggers, Georg G., Q. Edward Wang, and Supriya Mukherje Book Report/Review

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The paper "A Global History of Modern Historiography by Iggers, Georg G., Q. Edward Wang, and Supriya Mukherje" is a delightful example of a literature review on category. History of historiography focuses almost exclusively on the west. The book offers modern historiography history from a global perspective. The book takes into consideration the exchange of culture across the world, which was spearheaded by globalization, modernization, and the westernization process ( Iggers, Wang, and Mukherjee 10). The globalization of historical researches has relatively separated historiography traditions that existed in Southeast Asia, West, Middle East, and India.

With time, the nationalist and academic historiographies developed in the entire countries. During the 20th century, political and nationalist historical writing got new challenges from cultural history, transnational Islamic historiography, and postmodernism. When the transformations of historical literature are traced over the past two or so centuries, the transformation is based on the professionalization, which served as a model for western people and non-western historical research.   Similarly, it examines the post-colonial thought and postmodern thought, which established the concepts of scientific historiography. The book is focused on various schools of historical thought, which only refers to different historiography institutional backgrounds at various points of the literature ( Iggers, Wang, and Mukherjee 13).

Finally, the book discusses world history development and globalization history beyond the national school since the cold war ended. The main objective of the book is how the non-western historians adapted the western ideas and various approached rooted in their specified cultures. However, the book lacks the economist and social context of scholarship across various countries. Despite the shortcoming in the book, its concept is innovative and comprehensive and is easily readable to people of all calibers ( Iggers, Wang, and Mukherjee 15).  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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