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The paper "Information System Used by Wal - Mart" is a good example of a term paper on e-commerce.   The Wal - Mart stores were the organization was selected owing to the curiosity of knowing more about the business strategy and information system used by the no 1 rated company in fortune 500 lists, which would be quite a rewarding experience as always success is never achieved in a single step.   Organization’ s overall business strategy Wal - Mart store inc. is one of the world’ s largest retailers, rated as the number one company by the fortune 500.

It has a revenue of $351,139.0 million that has increased by 11.2% in the current year. This year it has shown a profit of $11,284.0 million, with the stock holder’ s equity rising up to 61,573.0. Its annual growth rate through the year of 1996 was a woofing rate of 15.1%. Sam Walton when open his first store in Arkansas 1962, had 3 basic beliefs on which he built the entire empire, which has now 1.3 million associates worldwide with 3200 stores in the United States with 100 million customers visiting per week worldwide.

The belief which on the technical terms was later transformed as a strategy was respecting individuals offering the best service to the customer and always striving for excellence. This belief with 10 factors ranging from motivating the partners to controlling the expenses better than the competitors became their underline principle. Sam Walton, with an innovative vision, used unusual business practices that let the company straight forward, with the organization still facing a significant amount of controversy over several different issues, but none of them was altering the gigantic operation.

Future of Wal - Mart is also looking comfortable with the proper balance between increasing its profit and recognizing its social and ethical responsibilities. (Wal – Mart annual report, 2003) It is undeniable fact that Wal - Mart huge success is due to its sound strategic management decision couple with innovative implementation. The business strategy features 3 key points in its background, customer value, and service; partnership with its associates and community involvement. Thus the key feature of implementing this strategy by Wal - Mart is putting a strong emphasis on a solid working relationship with suppliers and employees, taking into notice many integrate details in-store layouts and merchandising techniques, capitalizing on every cost-saving opportunities and create a high-performance spirit.

The strategic formula of company is very simple, in that to provide access to quality goods for customers together with making the goods available when and where the customer wants, on the sides developing a cost structure that would be given an inch up in competitive pricing summing up in building and maintaining the reputation for absolute trustworthiness.

(Biesada, Alex, 2006)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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