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InvestigatorsSuleiman HamishWalter JamesPurity DanielAbstractAircraft accidents are one of the going on debates on the increasing rate of aircraft accidents which happen almost in every year. There are so many causes which are said to be associated with the aircraft accidents some of which may include the pilot errors, mechanical failures, and sabotage associated with bombing or even shooting plus other failures which lead to the crashing of the craft. Research will be conducted on two airports that is the Kenyatta and Moi international airport in Kenya whereby we will try to collect data on the safety measures which are used in those tow airports.

(Allan, 2000)IntroductionAircraft accidents can be defined as the accidents occurrences which are said to happen between the time passengers board a flight with the intention of the flight hence such persons are said to be disembarked in which either the passengers get seriously injured, the aircraft receives damages and lastly when the aircraft is missing completely. Since the age of the birth of the aircrafts, so many accidents have been associated with these flights hence leading to a debate on the causes and the preventive measures which can be taken to ensure that such cases of aircraft accidents have reduced.

Many people tend to think that flying is the best means of transport since it is the fastest as when compared with other means of transport even though it is the only means of transport which has recorded the highest rates of fire accidents leading to massive deaths and the destruction of property. (Allan, 2000)Literature reviewCausesResearch was done and it was found that most of the aircraft fires are as a result of technical failures and it is due to the lack of the technical controls that most of the pilots loose control of the aircraft leading to its crash.

So you will find that in most of the organizations that deal with the aviation activities lack the basic technical potentials to contact the business hence meaning that the people who are involved say the pilots and the mechanical attendants lack the expected experience hence leading to the crash of the aircraft. The policy which also involves the air crew handling has also led to the many causes of aircraft fires in that since most of them are not usually fully trained.

Approximately 80 % of all the aircraft accidents are as a result of human errors. Fuelling is also another cause of such failures in that if the fuel is not well checked by a good mechanics, automatically it will lead to the crashing of this plane. (Allan, 2000)Safety measuresAviation safety has come along way since the birth of the aircrafts to ensure that there are safety measures which have taken place so as to control the number of cases of plane crashing.

It is out of the increasing rate of aircraft fires that two major manufacturers of the heavy passenger aircrafts that is that European airbus and the Boeing of the United States have come in to the civilian market with the huge emphasis of the aviation safety equipments. This is because it is known that if an aircraft has a poor recording of having so many aircraft fires, the automatically this will be a threat to the manufacturing industry hence the two aircraft industries have come up with safety measures and that it why most of the passengers prefer using such flights simply because they are more safety.

Training is one of the ways by which aircraft fires have been in a position to be controlled. Training of fire fighters has been seen as one of the effective ways of preventing. Fire fighters have done a lot in preventing fire cases and hence are seen to protect the members of the public from these dangers through responding to fire cases plus other emergency cases which occur in the aircrafts.

When such fires occur, these fire fighters help in putting out the fires and this is why there should be intensive training so that these fire fighters can put out the fires effectively. Also these fire fighters are the first people to give emergency personnel at the scene of the traffic accident and at the same time these people are usually called to perform other vital activities in such tragedies. The training based curriculum should be established for people and the crew and the instruction refuelling personnel.

You will find that it is through this training that the personnel’s will be taught proper plus the safe procedures which should be used when handling such fuels. They are also taught on how to prevent the potentially dangerous situations and the various actions to take in case there is a fire which involves fuel aviation. This is because most of the aircraft fires are as a result of the fuels which are used and hence these people should be trained on the preventive measures to take so that it has ensured that such fires associated with fuel do not happen.

(Bruggink, 2000)

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