Essays on Being A Good Nurse And Doing What Is Right Book Report/Review

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Being a Good Nurse and Doing What Is Right Task Being a good nurse and doing what is right According to the research done by Smith & Godfrey on what it entails being a dutiful nurse, seven aspects emerged with regard to the study. Personal characteristics being one of them would entail personal respect, being compassionate, excellent communication skills, respects other people’s beliefs and takes care of his or her self. It requires one to have professional experience that would include being an ambassador of the profession and working towards developing the field of nursing and acting as the profession requires.

Another aspect would be the knowledge base of the nurse. They should trust the experience they would have gained in the nursing career, be competent in their work and be ready to learn to better their skills and knowledge. Patient cent redness would also be exercised. This would be by putting the patient’s interest first and giving them priority over other things. Being a good nurse would require one to be the patient’s advocate at all times. They should be supportive and advocate for choices and preferences of patients.

A good nurse would be required to posse’s decisive thinking skills. These would help them make decisions that would be conflicting regarding their career, obligations and rights of the patient. They should make sound judgment when solving patient’s problems. A nurse who would portray patient care would also be termed as being good. This would be by giving the patients the right attention in dealing with their needs. This would be achieved by involving concerned family members and health care team members.

If a good nurse does this, the patient gets the best care that would enable them recover quickly. Patient’s care would also include teaching and communications aimed at addressing the patient’s needs. Therefore, any nurse who would have the above characteristics and apply them in the course of their duty would be termed as being a good nurse (Smith & Godfrey 2002). ReferenceSmith, K. and Godfrey, N. (2002). Being A Good Nurse And Doing The Right Thing: A Qualitative Study. Retrieved on January 16, 2012 from:

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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