40 Cyber Security Research Paper Topics

September 14, 2020
40 Cyber Security Research Paper Topics

The role of the internet in shaping communication, education, and marketing is becoming even more important. Cybersecurity is critical in this digital age as it covers everything relating to the protection of sensitive user information, protected health information, personally identifiable information, data, intellectual property, and governmental information. The goal is to shield such sensitive information from those interested in damage and theft.

Students tasked with writing papers struggle to find interesting topics for their projects. Well, in this article, we present some interesting cyber security research paper topics to consider.


Are you interested in sample cyber security topics for outstanding projects? Before we offer samples of topics for your project, we should look at some common trends shaping conversations. First, lots of social media companies like Facebook and Twitter have come under heavy criticism for misusing data from subscribers. Such incidents raise questions regarding the responsibility of businesses concerning online privacy around the world. They also highlight how easy it is for hackers and scammers to access personal information from individuals online.

Another trend in the digital world relates to the internet of things. As a result, there are lots of connection-capable tablets, phones, and other digital devices. It presents unforeseen challenges for experts as specialized applications are needed to protect users. Students need to pick topics in which they are interested.


With so much of our daily lives revolving around the internet, it is astonishing that the issues privacy and data protection are not yet at the center of policy and legislation. The issue only arises occasionally in international consciousness.

However, students tasked with writing papers find such topics complex and boring. Topic creation can also be time-consuming. There are lots of interesting topics for your project. Here are a few ones to consider:

  1. Prominent internet able antivirus software for businesses;
  2. Why should world organizations invest in strong antimalware?
  3. An analysis of the history, impacts, and remedies of ransomware;
  4. Mechanisms through which antimalware software senses and prevents attacks;
  5. The functionality of encrypting viruses;
  6. A comparison of the security measures used by top operating systems;
  7. Security of computer hardware from attacks;
  8. The relationship between cookies and cybersecurity;
  9. How does firewall help in the prevention of network crimes?
  10. The connection between file downloads and cyber security;
  11. How can phishing by criminals be stopped?
  12. An analysis of the usefulness of encryption algorithms;
  13. The effectiveness of internet security in social networks;
  14. The process of authentication and its effectiveness;
  15. The mechanisms of network intrusion by criminals in the online world;
  16. Effective ways to encrypt viruses;
  17. Device synchronization and implications for international protection;
  18. What is considered the greatest international cyber-attack that ever occurred?
  19. What issues emerge from the rise of bots?
  20. An analysis of the computer threats facing Apple;
  21. How do third-party vendors work as a gateway to cyberattacks by criminals?
  22. Why is there a shortage of skilled cyber security personnel in organizations?
  23. The significance of y audits on information technology systems;
  24. A study of the connection between digital piracy and digital security;
  25. Choosing secure passwords for online transactions;
  26. A study of the significance of two-factor authentication;
  27. How businesses can avoid identity theft online;
  28. Online dating and how people can protect their privacy;
  29. Protecting yourself from digital crimes;
  30. Why data breaches are not going away soon;
  31. What to do when your digital account has been hacked;
  32. A study of the significance of regular software updates and patches;
  33. Why is public Wi-Fi vulnerable to attacks;
  34. How businesses can prevent phishing scams online;
  35. Smartphones and privacy concerns;
  36. What is social engineering;
  37. What are the main causes of online crimes?
  38. Dangers and advantages of unified user profiles;
  39. The effectiveness of cyber security early warning and detection systems;
  40. A study of the legal redress options for businesses against online crimes.

These are just a few topics in cybersecurity. If you are interested, we can offer custom help according to your instructions. The process of choosing an ideal topic for your digital project will depend on the issues you are interested in, a consideration of your audience, and the assignment instructions. Contact us if you need custom help with choosing custom topics or writing an original cyber security research paper.

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