45 Education Research Paper Topics

September 14, 2020
45 Education Research Paper Topics

Writing an education research paper always starts from the topic selection. Un-less your teacher assigns the specific question to answer, it is up to you to decide on the paper issue to discuss. You may either choose it in the shape of a great education topic, prompt, problem, or question. It depends on the purpose of your paper.

For your English composition class or Education as a separate subject, you may have to write a paper on some great research topics in education. In this post, you’ll find some of the best ideas for your work to impress the teacher. They fit not only education classes.

Top 45 Interesting Research Topics in Education


Are you ready to face our list of research topics in education? We have carefully selected the best ideas from the top essays of real college students. Also, we have added some great prompts to this list. Pick one or come up with your own idea for a paper on education based on our hints.

  1.   Bell Curve controversy: The right approach to estimating grades in the educational system
  2.   Local control of education or standardized tests: Which of the evaluation methods is more effective and why?
  3.   How school bullying affects school pupils (for the teacher to realize their role)
  4.   Classical school of education versus the modern one (compare approaches)
  5.   Should mentally weak students study in a separate class?
  6.   What makes a great history teacher or online tutor: top qualities that most pupils and their parents name
  7.   What is the correct approach to calculating the grade-point-average (GPA) and its meaning?
  8.   Should they use metal detectors at schools and colleges to prevent possible terrorist attacks and mass murders?
  9.   Which of the elective classes must become obligatory ones?
  10. What is the role of parents in assisting kids with their homework assignments and exam prep?
  11. Should the most popular colleges and universities in the United States and the United Kingdom raise the acceptance rates?
  12. Upgrading classrooms of US schools to the latest technological standards: pros and cons
  13. The impact of cinematography on the learning process: Movies that can help to teach
  14. Why should college students seek a part-time job, internship, or volunteering programs?
  15. Genres of music that help to stimulate learning atmosphere (and specific tracks/compositions)
  16. The political situation in the country and its impact on the education
  17. The role of art class in an educational system: How playing music or painting helps to master other subjects?
  18. Leadership training programs vs. studying business administration: Which is more effective?
  19. Is it the right time to change the dress code for schools or completely remove it?
  20. The consequences of the unhealthy psychological atmosphere in class
  21. Can online education become as effective as traditional?
  22. The main reasons why the literacy rates are so low in some African countries
  23. Are there such things as the most important class in the high school curriculum?
  24. There is always a room for new knowledge no matter how skilled and experienced you are
  25. The most effective methods of teaching pupils with mental disabilities
  26. The top demanded university programs for the undergraduates
  27. Most effective approaches to teaching Math and related disciplines such as geometry, calculus, algebra, etc.
  28. The pros and cons of homeschooling: Can parents replace professional teachers?
  29. Does it make sense to teach the history of the world which could have been rewritten thousands of times?
  30. The difference between the process of education at high school and in college
  31. Does it make sense to make higher education institutions free for everyone?
  32. How to develop history lesson plans correctly (different approaches)
  33. Teaching students to write an essay step-by-step
  34. Addressing the diversity of pupils in elementary education
  35. The role of physical education in the academic life
  36. Should high school athletes be paid as their older colleagues?
  37. Compare and contrast the system of education in the United Kingdom and post-Soviet countries (e.g., Russia or Ukraine)
  38. Why is an MBA a highly demanded academic degree nowadays?
  39. Bilingual person: Is it possible to speak two different languages as your native?
  40. Different levels of English: Proper approach to testing how well international students know the language
  41. The benefits and impact of student exchange programs around the world
  42. What are some of the problems related to how parents perceive modern approaches to education?
  43. Should Gender Studies or Sexual Education be made obligatory lessons for every student?
  44. What is a character education program? List the advantages and disadvantages as well as main techniques and impact
  45. Graduates and the US employment market: What are some of the most promising careers for young people with a degree from a university?

If this list of great research topics in education is not sufficient enough, you may keep on looking for other versions on the web. Also, you may ask a professional paper writer to choose a topic and compose a paper for you.


Many compare creating a research paper with shooting fish in a barrel. It can take plenty of your time while it should not be this way if you’re well-prepared. The primary stage of composing a paper is picking your subject.

Stay away from a shallow topic; make sure one of your choices follows particular yardsticks. Take the following steps into consideration when picking research paper ideas:

  • Pick something of your interest 

You can only come up with a good paper if the topic appeals to you. Selecting something that inspires or motivates, you will speed up the process of both research and writing.

  • Remain specific

Make sure the theme of your choice is accurate and precise. If the initial issue is too broad, try to narrow it down to a single point or question to analyze.

  • It is all about innovation and creativity

Who said that an academic paper should be boring and dull? There is always room for imagination! Think about the angles of the explored topic that does not need to be investigated yet, and offer the solutions in your paper.

Now pupils have an idea of how to choose a great topic for their papers for education classes. Your teacher will love these ideas! Collect opinions around the world and mix it with your vision to craft an outstanding piece of content. Education topics are updated every year, so check them out regularly.

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