How to Start a Research Paper

September 14, 2020
How to Start a Research Paper

Should you start a research paper with writing a thesis statement? How to write an introduction? Which paragraph should you work on first? How can a written outline help?

Students should know that the process of composing a research paper always starts with the collection and analysis of the sources. From social media platforms to more credible sources like journals and newspapers, you should carefully observe all the recent information related to the chosen topic. Let’s just look at some ideas for your future project. Use these steps to starting a research paper, and you’ll get it right!


If you think that the best approach to starting a research project is writing a thesis statement, you’re wrong. It might be difficult to fit in with a thesis later in your paper. Calm down - surf the web and social media to collect information, pick the topic, and get some hints on how to write a research essay. 

Leave an introductory paragraph to the last phase of your work. Create a body first. Then, you will just need to highlight certain points and compose a thesis based on them. However, you can begin a paper more originally. Write down a hook - learn what it is in the next section. Postpone writing your thesis.


Have you heard about so-called hook sentences for a research paper? Many students confuse a hook sentence with a thesis statement, but they have nothing in common except for the location in the text - an introduction.

Writing a research paper is a time-consuming process, and selecting a hook sentence alone might take plenty of your efforts. Have a look at some good ways to begin your work:

  • Piece of advice

Starting with advice will show the readers that they need it. Mind that opening the first paragraph of a paper this way means that you should explain why certain actions make sense and how people can benefit from your recommendation.

  • Joke

If your research paper does not cover a sensitive topic like school bullying, racial discrimination, or euthanasia, you can think about inserting an anecdote in the first few lines of an introduction. Having a good sense of humor is the key to success in any life situation. If you add an anecdote or joke as a direct quote, do not forget to cite it properly.

  • Definition

If you’re writing a paper on a complex term or phenomenon, it is better to begin with a definition. Insert several definitions from the dictionaries, citing them correctly, and add your own understanding of the word or phrase. You may paraphrase a definition that you like but still refer to the source.

  • Facts and statistics

If you among to find interesting, proven facts or credible statistics, you may begin with them to shock your audience. It will stress the significance of the question.


Except for the statistics and humor, one may write some literary quotes or ask rhetorical questions in the opening paragraph. There are many ways to grab the eye of your reader when writing a research paper! Make sure to decide on the thesis before coming up with a bang opening.

On the whole, the best way to begin a paper is involving a hook sentence, for sure. Students can get inspired by analyzing popular social media or blog posts. Newspapers headings may also serve as a great example. Pay attention to that during the research.


Does the process of composing the first paragraph of research still seems difficult to you? Don’t worry - you can easily overcome any obstacles by following our steps. This way, you’ll impress your audience for sure!

  • Read the instructions of a research paper

Do not hurry up to write your research - study the guidelines and standards of your school carefully. They may contain the title of your topic as well as necessary tips and step-by-step instructions.

  • Search for a specific example

To get inspired with the ideas for your future research project, look for a written example online. A template or sample will help to create an excellent research project easily.

  • Select a topic for your research essay

Sometimes, your tutor will not give a certain topic to cover in your paper. Pick one based on your interests and current knowledge (it should still relate to your class).

  • Research and analyze relevant sources

Look for the facts and statistics in credible sources only. They should be no older than five years (except for those containing common knowledge).

  • Create an outline

Without a mind map, it will be difficult to write a good research. It will help you see the steps of writing. 

  • Think about a thesis statement 

A thesis statement requires special attention - dedicate enough time to composing it. Put it down in the last paragraph of an introduction.


To begin a research paper, think about the reader and the topic. Write down why you personally would be interested in the issue. Look what’s hot on the news, and then you’ll easily understand which topic will attract the attention of your social group. Social problems always work well, so you may think about recalling them in your project.


It is time to start writing the research paper and thesis based on our recommendations! Once again, you’ll easily compose an introduction paragraph after analyzing examples and ideas on the web. Students today have access to numerous resources, so it should not be difficult to collect the necessary data and information for a research paper.

Keep in mind that a reader wants to see an original opening instead of a standard intro with background info and thesis. Begin with a sentence that sounds like a bang to underline the importance of an issue, and then move directly to working on the body of a research paper.

How can you improve your results in the future? You may need to order a research paper written by a professional writer upon your requirements to increase the chances of scoring high. After all, this type of academic assignment is one of the most vital ones.

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