Essays on Ten by Gretchen McNeil Book Report/Review

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The paper "Ten by Gretchen McNeil" is a good example of a book review on literature.   “ Ten” by Gretchen McNeil is a novel about teens that head out to an extremely secluded Henry Island vacation home. The Island is just off the Washington coat thus a spectacular place for a weekend-long party. One of the invited members called Meg was a senior and this trip for her presented a good excuse for a getaway, as well as, a chance to work on her writing skill while spending quality time with Minnie her best friend before she left for her first quarter at UCLA.

However, there are invitation rules for this party.   Every individual that was invited got strict instructions not to disclose any information about the party to anybody else. Meg is a reserved person and thinks that this is not a good idea of especially lying to the parents. Nevertheless, Minnie thinks that it was wildly exciting, due to the fact that TJ is going to the party. After a terrifying ride on the ferry to the island, the students see individuals that are familiar with and others that they don’ t know.

After arriving and settling down, the revelers are horrified when a huge storm blows and cuts out all electricity on the island. This is immediately watching a creepy and a strange DVD and some weird words appear saying that somebody will take vengeance and that disaster was near.   Coincidently, the next morning, one of the revelers is found dead.   After the discovery of one body, people start dying and nobody knew if it was an accident or murder. Additionally, it was not clear the person that was killing others and why.

  The remaining people start suspecting each other since everybody is taking into account that the killer might be anybody amongst them. Moreover, these suspicions only make the situation more unbearable and it adds fuel to the already existing chaos creating a more dangerous state for everybody. The murderer was not going to stop until everybody is dead. The author cleverly places red herring as well as calculated mistrust making it impossible to identify the killer until the very end. In conclusion, the characters created by McNeil perfectly hold the novel together in terms of syncopation from the friendships which eventually forms enmity and deceit and that takes place.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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