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Business is the activity of making money and is one of the most studied disciplines in higher education. The constantly morphing face of commerce and the transfer of assets and wealth into different mediums make business as dynamic as it is enjoyable to study. Business is intermingled with every other activity known to man, and not just to those that are intended to generate profit. For example, management which is a key part of the study of business extends to non-profit making organizations and government agencies too. Likewise, other entities such as trade unions are organizations engaged in the business cycle for the purpose of defending worker rights and increasing the value of their specific trade through negotiation for better working conditions. There are also intellectual property rights in business, covering areas such as patents, copyrights and trademarks, and which by extension digresses into the discipline of law.

Business courses can, therefore, take many shapes and have a large sphere of influence, from management, financial accounting, human resources, ethics, capital funding and equities, banking, marketing, and sales, to trade, transportation, and logistics, real estate, corporations, etc. Technology has transcended the tag of an ‘emergent’ issue in business and is a now an integral part of the wider discipline. We have business research topics in all these areas and more, suited for students in high school, college and specialized graduate work, including those pursuing their MBAs or doctoral degrees. You can also access a professionally tailored business essay worked on by industry professionals, at the most affordable prices.

An Array of Business Topics for All-Academic Levels

There’s never a shortage of business topics to write about. Since you’ll be in a specialized course, however, there is a need to access a data-bank of sorts when it comes to choosing something to write about. The nature of the assignment could also influence the kind of topic that you pick. For example, you could be asked to write an essay on how open-market operations by central banks contract or expand money and its value.

Similarly, you could be asked to give a critique of the valuation of companies in Silicon Valley, based on the case study of Theranos with its $9B valuation before its scam was exposed. The specialization of the assignment is directly related to your study level. High school topics in business include:

  • Companies: Different types of entities in business such as companies limited by shares, cooperatives, statutory bodies, etc.
  • How to draw up a business plan.
  • Economics and the movement of money.
  • Unemployment and its various types.
  • The role of government in business.
  • Gross Domestic and Gross National Products (GDP & GNP), and income parity.

There is often a big complaint from business students in high school that some of the material that they learn would never be applied in real life. This is far from the truth and is exactly why we have created examples which bridge the gap between educational material taught in class and the real world environment. For example, if you access a sample paper on saying liquidity management by the Central Bank or Federal Reserve, we detail the process diagrammatically to show the impact that government actions have on prices of goods and services, and the cost of labor. Our examples of business research topics for college are more specialized and focus on specific study areas. As a college student, you’ll be required to apply the knowledge that you gain in class to actual world scenarios, therefore essays may prove tougher to write, and research papers or coursework assignments may necessitate spending actual time on the ground. You could be asked to write a research paper on how corporate culture affects business success, using an appropriate case study or with two comparisons. Your professor might also require you to discuss how technology is changing the shape of commerce as we know it, and what impacts this has on the value of money. These are just some of the business topics for research paper that you could access from our collection, although our writers will help you come up with a more suitable topic for your own specialization.

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Any essay that you write on business needs applicability in real life and also be thoroughly sourced. Your work needs to be compelling, insightful and have relevance in the current business environment. As mentioned before, business (and all its subsidiary units) is highly dynamic. The methods and techniques applied 3 decades ago are no longer sustainable. This very aspect itself provides you with a good base to start if you are looking for essay ideas. Business school essays need to be properly referenced, and arguments need to be structured in the most logical fashion. An essay prompt could read something like “Debate whether the shift from the gold standard to the FIAT currency system has commoditized the printing of currency and made the world economy more vulnerable to another Great Depression.” To answer this question, you’d need to have a solid idea of how both the gold standard and FIAT systems work. You’d also need to understand the differences between money and currency, and the causes of the Great Depression. Since this is a debatable topic, there are no right or wrong answers. However, any arguments that you present should be fully backed by facts, be compelling and have proper references. If such assignments are giving you a hard time, our experts are always available to help you with the task and secure your grade.

Business speech topics depend on the exact need of the audience that you are writing for. It could be a hypothetical pitch to a room full of venture capitalists looking for new frontiers to explore. Or it could be a speech to lawmakers on Congress on the need for businesses to focus more on green technology for the world to meet its global sustainability goals. Ethics is always a great area to tackle with a business speech. Was the $700B bailout by the government necessitated after the financial crash of 2008? Why are privately held companies responsible for printing the world’s money? Should banks that are deemed “too big to fail” be subject to antitrust laws? What scale of mergers should be allowed in one industry? Is Elon Musk justified in wanting to take Tesla private bearing in mind that short sellers are always betting against his stock on Wall Street? Do technology and automation really pose a threat to future employment, and what is the remedy to this? There are numerous topics that you could tackle, and we have a wider and more refined variety for you to choose from.

For business proposal topics, we have identified key areas in which business potential does exist and which you could choose as motivation for your own assignment. We also provide you with a template of successful proposals, the format covering everything from the executive summary, creating a company description, competitive advantages, products and price justifications, SWOT analysis, funding, marketing, competition and exit plan or strategies among other vital components.

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As a business analyst, you are responsible for understanding the changes that a business needs for it to become more effective and bridge the gap by developing suitable and sustainable solutions, most importantly through the use of technology. Through our business analyst study material, you’ll learn more about project development and analysis of business cases, optimization in the work environment (minimum cost, maximum benefit), transforming business needs into actual IT solutions, creating rapidly responsive and scalable systems that equip businesses with the tools for change preparation, etc. We provide a business analyst study material free download that also shows worked examples and cases in real industry, and which you can use to understand this complex topic better.

Our business environment study material has examples in each of the key areas, i.e., the micro and macro environments, with case studies to help you get a better understanding of the concepts. Think about trade barriers, Trump’s new tariffs, Brexit and how it will affect business, organizational culture, recession and lowering incomes, change in customer preferences, etc. All these and more are components of the business environment. Through our business management study material, you will understand the core principles and functions of management, and how this is applied to different facets of business operations such as finance, human resources, accounting, risk, operations, credit, logistics, technological systems, and executive management, with case studies on the same. If your forte in business is more of technology, and you are keen to learn new ways and systems to aid in decision making and support a company’s needs, our business intelligence study material is exactly what you need. Learn why data is the new gold and how to effectively apply information derived from it to aid in decision making.

We provide a whole host of samples, essays, examples and revision material for business students at all academic levels, and these are drawn straight from industry experts. Your grades can get a huge boost thanks to our expertise, but only if you order today!

Business Examples

A New Approach to Financial Sector Development
The paper "A New Approach to Financial Sector Development" is a wonderful example of a Business Case Study. This essay presents an analysis of the legal, cultural, financial, political and economic factors that an Australian cider producer should consider before exporting cider to Scandinavia. Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe comprising three countries. …
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Why Do Business in China
The paper "Why Do Business in China" Is a great example of a Business Literature Review. This section covers its consideration of the existing studies on the internationalization, development in the industry, and a firm’s capacity and resources. Since internalization is perceived as a process, all these elements and how they are related will be considered. …
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Small Businesses and the Environment
The paper "Small Businesses and the Environment" is a perfect example of a Business Case Study. Business strategy is essential in the success of a business in a competitive market. Tesco is a shop located in the UK and operates in a number of countries. A business has to identify factors that influence the success of its business strategy in a competitive external business environment.…
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Cause-Related Marketing Issues
The paper " Cause-Related Marketing Issues " is a perfect example of a Business Case Study. Education and hospitality have proved to be factors within universities that go hand in hand. The success of UNE Life businesses in complementing education at University of New England supports the statement. Therefore, this report will identify and discuss the relevance of the mission.…
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Etsy, Task Rabbit, Uber, and Airbnb Business Models - Merits and Demerits of Sharing Economy, Traditional and New Collaborative Business
The paper “Etsy, Task Rabbit, Uber, and Airbnb Business Models - Merits and Demerits of Sharing Economy, Traditional and New Collaborative Business“ is a  potent variant of case study on business. Many resources are lying idle in the entire world that when put to proper use can help boost the economic life of the people.…
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Corporate Social Responsibility As One of the Techniques
The paper "Corporate Social Responsibility As One of the Techniques" is a wonderful example of a Business Assignment. Apple Inc. conducts its business operations in a very huge macro-environment that comprises of forces that shape its opportunities and at the same time cause threats to the company. The operation of the Apple Company is influenced by the trends.…
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Role of Business Servicescapes in Yolanda Catering
The paper "Role of Business Servicescapes in Yolanda Catering" Is a great example of a Business Case Study. Customer’s impression formation is determined by servicescapes (physical environments) which may be positive or negative. Emotional states are preceded by cognitive states. Better service can be increased by training to increase employee performance, productivity, and motivation. …
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Financing Your Small Business
The paper "Financing Your Small Business" Is a perfect example of a Business Case Study. Within every sector of the business, competition is becoming very stiff which to some extent makes it difficult for small and medium enterprises to cope. To expand the operations and meet all the marketing needs, the SMEs need to tap financial resources, which often exist in two dimensions. …
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Budgetary Requirement for Birmingham Barge Trips
The paper "Budgetary Requirement for Birmingham Barge Trips" is a perfect example of a Business Case Study. The business purpose defines the role of engaging in a particular business initiative. It offers the aims and objectives which a business intends to achieve and the basic reason behind the running of such business activities. …
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Business or Battling for Competitive Advantage
The paper "Business or Battling for Competitive Advantage" is a perfect example of a Business Case Study. The Australian pulp and paper manufacturing industry have been a great contributor to the Australian economy. It provides different products that are essential in everyday life. These products range from paper and paper products. …
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How Can Maximizing Profit Be Concerned with Corporate Social Responsibility
The paper “How Can Maximizing Profit Be Concerned with Corporate Social Responsibility?” is an excellent variant of essay on business. In this age of globalization, a business has to meet its shareholders/owners' main goal of maximizing profits thereby increasing wealth; however, it is vital for the business to achieve its main goals - profitability, growth, survival, and overall performance.  …
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The Challenges Businesses Face in Australia and in the World
The paper “The Challenges Businesses Face in Australia and in the World” is an actual variant of case study on business. “Business in Australia would be better served if more politicians had business experience rather from coming from legal or academic backgrounds or just being professional politicians.”  …
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Marketing Management and Marketing Controlling
The paper "Marketing Management and Marketing Controlling" is a great example of a Business Case Study. The Australian economy has witnessed phenomenal growth in the past decade from different industries with specific growth coming from the mining industry. However, the recent analysis outlines an economic boom in other sectors of the Australian economy. …
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Menchie's and Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt
The paper 'Menchie's and Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt' is a great example of a case study on business. Frozen yogurt is excellent to choose for a snack especially if as an individual you go after the gluten-free diet.  Most of the flavors and topping are natural and are gluten-free.…
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Attitudes of Students towards Entrepreneurship
Generally, the paper "Attitudes of Students towards Entrepreneurship" is a good example of business coursework. Fostering entrepreneurship is the most important thing in policy and economic development in the modern world. The current rate of unemployment needs urgent measure to be taken and implemented.…
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Wine Marketing to Brazil: Market Environment Analysis
The paper "Wine Marketing to Brazil: Market Environment Analysis" is a great example of a business case study. Collette Dinnigan is one of the renowned Australian fashion icons. The brand is named after the founder and designer, Collette Dinnigan. Dinnigan is an Australian fashion designer who specializes in ready to wear fashion garments for ladies and kids.…
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Sydney Theatre Company's Financial Difficulties, Total Quality Management, Open Systems Thinking
The paper “Sydney Theatre Company’s Financial Difficulties, Total Quality Management, Open Systems Thinking” is a potent example of a case study on business. Initially, the group hardly knew a lot pertaining to the Sydney Theatre Company. However, on reading the articles about the company, the group attained immense knowledge about it.…
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Business Model for EasyJuicy - Market Analysis, Unique Value Proposition, Product and Service Solutions
The paper “Business Model for EasyJuicy - Market Analysis, Unique Value Proposition, Product and Service Solutions” is an impressive example of a case study on business. This analysis is based on a reflection about a business model and an evaluation of the feasibility of the business of selling a special type of orange juicer that shall be introduced to the market under the brand name EasyJuicy.…
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Compass Group PLC - Business, Dividend Policy, Financial Performance, and Position of the Hospitality Company
The paper “Compass Group PLC – Business, Dividend Policy, Financial Performance, and Position of the Hospitality Company” is an engrossing example of case study on business. Compass Group Plc. is a British multinational company which specializes in the delivery of food items and support services in different countries on the global platform.…
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International Business Project - BAT Company
The paper "International Business Project - BAT Company " is an outstanding example of a business case study. The business organization depends on its internal aspects or components for efficient and effective operations. The key internal elements include; physical facilities and equipment, financial stability, human resources, production and operations, and market capability.…
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The Evolving Multinational Enterprises Environment - Multinational Companies from Emerging Economies
The paper “The Evolving Multinational Enterprises Environment  – Multinational Companies from Emerging Economies” is a thoughtful example of coursework on business. With the present global business landscape, business needs have evolved and as such, many businesses have achieved global logistical and operational capabilities.…
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The Sustainability Debate
The paper "The Sustainability Debate" is a perfect example of a Business Article. Authored by Adrian Wilkinson, Malcolm Hill, and Paul Gollan, “The Sustainability Debate” article address a wide range of issues associated with sustainability in the business world today. Published in 2001, the article gives direction with regard to the government. …
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Political Actors and Institutions in Businesses
The paper "Political Actors and Institutions in Businesses " is an outstanding example of business coursework. Government business relation is the stable relationship between government institutions and businesses within the society relative to the economy. Government plays an important role in the control and regulation of business.…
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The Concept of Globalization and the Challenges of Globalization for Contemporary Companies
The paper “The Concept of Globalization and the Challenges of Globalization for Contemporary Companies” is a breathtaking option of literature review on business. As the world has changed from industrialization to globalization, organization management has changed a lot. The market has been able to dictate the way organizations act and how they manage their workers under globalization.…
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Establishing a Restaurant - Business Strategies, Daily Special Deals, Extensive Marketing Campaigns, and Contributions to Second Bite
The paper “Establishing a Restaurant - Business Strategies, Daily Special Deals,  Extensive Marketing Campaigns,  and Contributions to Second Bite” is a convincing example of a case study on business. Food and culture are closely linked. People from different regions of the world have different food preferences.…
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