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The paper "Business to Business E-Commerce: Infosys technologies and Prairie Four Square" is a great example of a term paper on e-commerce. Business to business e-commerce entails buying and selling of products electronically, it has become an effective form of carrying out business. Real business values from the internet perspective emanate from business to business transactions that encompass e-commerce. Prairie Four Square (PFS), an insurance company wishes to incorporate e-procurement to cut savings incurred by its purchasing department. PFS seeks to implement JAVA-based Ariba software. To this end, it has shortlisted three top IT firms to submit their proposals for consideration to be awarded the project contract.

Infosys Technologies, an IT consultancy firm based in Bangalore is among these three firms. Infosys is disadvantaged by the fact it is an offshore company that lacks adequate experience compared with the other two companies which it is up against. However, it relies on a number of factors to counter these disadvantages. These include the project contracts that it has delivered to PFS together with the quantifiable savings attributed to the same. It has also already initiated three similar projects in other organizations. Introduction Business to business e-commerce, an area that entails electronic selling and buying transactions, has become core to carrying out business effectively.

If executed properly, it can assist a business organization to achieve significant improvements. Such improvements are more likely to be observed in the areas of productivity and cost savings. Many business organizations employ numerous strategies in an attempt to make dubious returns on investment. Such strategies entail; outsourcing, downsizing, empowering employees, shifting organizational structures and processes from horizontal to vertical, procuring IT systems and so on (Neef, 2001). E-commerce has been hailed as one of the areas within which business organizations can accelerate revenue increase and expand their client base.

However, as some may point out, it is a relatively un-significant step for those businesses that wish to expand. Even though it is an essential segment of an overall e-business strategy, when it comes to online retailing, it is simply a slightly effective expansion of the entire sales process. As many business organizations are experiencing first hand, the real value of the internet emanates from business to business transactions.

That is buyer to vendor transactions that entail e-procurement (Neef, 2001). Prairie Four Square (PFS) is one such company that wishes to incorporate e-procurement in its business operations. This report seeks to address the various issues likely to be faced by both Infosys technologies and Prairie Four Square (PFS) in the incorporation of the Ariba e-procurement system project. Prairie Four Square (PFS) aims at making enormous cost savings once the project is successfully completed and executed.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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