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IntroductionCommunity is a ubiquitous term in the current society. It is in everyday life as we express ourselves to our peers. Therefore, this implies that the term has several and varied ways of explanation or description. Almost every society has a way of describing the term. For example, it has different composition depending on the social setting like in the church, street, school and the universe among other social settings. The definition will depend on the social setting where the description is to meet. A community usually refers to a large social group that shares common values and has the characteristics of oneness and unity.

It also refers to socializing collectivities of people living together. According to dictionary. com, the term can also refer to regional consciousness or global consciousness. In a regional perspective, it recognizes the coming together of people who in most cases share similar geographical circumstances and other factors such as: language, economy and civil government irrespective of their social ethnicity. On the other hand, global consciousness refers to unionization of people, from different backgrounds, social up bring and different allegiances across the globe. In any human collectivities, there are a number of factors bringing people together.

They include: purpose, prejudices, wealth, need for friendship and others. This will involve people living together and how they interact with other people towards what they believe is their concern, for instance, marriages. In a similar way, people living together need to have a sense of identity for one to belong. These include working together, taking care for each other, assisting one another and generally being a good neighbor (Durkheim, E.

1950). Any successful community must put into consideration the following issues: globalization, environment and social equity issuesGlobalization and communityAccording to Beck, U. (1992), Globalization refers to the increasing tendencies of people from different cultures and economic activities to relate well all over the world. People can still do commerce in the spirit of globalization. Globalization contributes to economic growth in developed and developing countries through mutual exchanges in the form of ideas, languages and culture. Globalization is the major factor that has affected our social and business communities. . It has particularly affected how people relate in urban areas.

Cities throughout the world are struggling with large-scale economic changes and their social effects which include: race, ethnicity, gender, and, other factors. Through globalization, different national communities have embraced the idea of sharing the resources available to fight this problem. The rationale behind this is to improve the living standards of all human beings in the world. In leadership, globalization ensures good leadership. For example, the international bodies have intervened in helping to curb dictatorship in countries like Egypt, Iraq and others. The spirit of globalization has ensured proper formulation of policies by countries across the globe. Despite the positive results in leadership, it has contributed to Intensity inequality, which is a great drawback in raising the living standards.

In actual sense, globalization increases the gap between rich and poor. Moreover, it serves the elites and hence discloses the illiterate. Globalization has faced many challenges. They include: globalism; power and authority; security and war and legitimacy and accountability.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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