Essays on Cheerleading Experience and Classmate's Academic Experience Essay

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The paper "Cheerleading Experience and Classmate's Academic Experience" is an excellent example of an essay on sociology. When trying to compare and contrast my story of the cheerleading experience and my mates academic experience, I see many similarities and differences between the two situations. Both groups were working on a specific and clear subject, were aiming to achieve something primarily, were hoping to succeed and accomplish their goal or mission, if you will. For the cheerleading team, it was (originally) attaining and maintaining a new cheerleading group in my high-school and making it a success.

In the academic experience, my classmate describes, he was working on a 35-page project with other students during his first semester as a graduate student. The forming stage in the two situations can be deemed as quite similar. Both my cheerleading group and his student group received an explanation as to what is expected of them and were explained the details they needed to know. Then, as both these situations evolve, their distinct differences are becoming apparent. While my classmates' student group got along and continued the project well and their instructor was wonderful, gave them all the details and made sure no one had any questions, my cheerleading group was facing great difficulties due to the clash between the head-cheerleader and another one who was fighting over control of the group.

Our storming stage was full of conflict and disarray whereas the other groups were quite peaceful. They cooperated in order to solve the problem they had and worked in order to achieve their mutual goal, and were successful in it. Our team also worked together in order to solve its problem but it was more difficult and prolonged. Eventually, both my classmate and I have learned and gained a lot out of our group experience, and the things we've learned stay with us today and help us cope with our difficulties or challenges much better, in a more relaxed and efficient way.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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