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The paper “ General Principles and Issues of E-Commerce Management” is an exciting example of term paper on e-commerce. Based on the issues concerning E-Commerce the purpose of this report is to discuss the Management and principles of E-commerce in general. The report will also highlight the challenges faced by E-Commerce following its use as a means of business concept regarding the sources of information, privacy, security, industry policy including the new policy framework. In addition, it will outline the protection of intellectual property and privacy, legal measures based on web site registration as well as technological security.

Recommendations on how to deal with the conflict surrounding the two firms have also been made. E-Commerce has become one of the most developing technologies globally at a rate that is so fast for developing countries. The fast rate of development has come with a lot of challenges on how to cope with the dynamic changes and the economy is grappling to come up with the best solutions to overcome the problems. According to Goel (2011), since 1996 several attempts have been made to regulate the administration of E-Commerce with president Clinton setting up a proposal on the organization of how to handle the administration and interdepartmental matters related to enforcement of e-commerce.

He further again issued a Framework for Global Electronic Commerce in 1997 which outlines the policy to be followed in the use of E-Commerce for the United States and other countries worldwide. China being also one of the most developed countries took the initiative in 1997 to hold a conference on Information work which intensified the growth of E-Commerce industry administration (Goel, 2011).

Further, in 1998, another national conference meeting was held in China by the Heads of Office of information whereby they emphasized the use of the technology to all their Government Departments which improved the way they handled business compared to the old traditional methods. In fact, China’ s development and come back has been a result of the rapid advanced development of E-Commerce.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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