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The paper "Funding and Controlling Pollution" is a great example of a report on macro and microeconomics. The pollution through vehicles is widely seen in the areas of high economic activity and growth. As all of UK is part of the world that witness high economic and industrial activities, the vehicular pollution is inevitable and planned activities are necessary to minimise it. In the absence of serious measures to control pollution, the environment pollution through vehicles will be a serious problem for any country or province/state. The serious measures taken are according to the observations at the points of pollution.

The points of pollution regarding vehicular pollution are vehicles or automobiles. An automatic system can detect the pollution of the vehicles and reports it to the authorities. This requires initial investment and the benefits of that investment depend on the returns materialised by penalties imposed on violators. The objective of this paper is to explore the cost benefits of the policy and system monitoring the pollution of the vehicles. This includes the changes in emissions of automobiles and the technology and the costs involved in it to detect the pollution. DataBase of Vehicles The presence of automobiles requires a database to estimate the number of them.

This helps in estimating not only the number of insurances they paid, but also to track the vehicle if it violates any norms. In case of pollution control, the vehicle tracking is according to its number. The cameras installed will detect the violators of the pollution controls and fine the vehicles by tracking them through the database. The new database has to list the vehicles and classify them according to the norms they follow regarding pollution.

If any cameras installed in different areas of the country detect the vehicle of not following pollution control norms, it will declassify it into the list, which does not follow the pollution control norms. Not only fining the vehicles that do not follow the control norms, the administration has to maintain the database that follows classification of vehicles according to the pollution norms control. This enables the administration to take necessary action on the vehicles in the form of collecting extra license fees and penalties for not following pollution control norms.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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