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The paper "State Aid for Airports" is a wonderful example of a research paper on macro and microeconomics. Air transport is crucial for the competitiveness and integration of the European Union, as well as its interaction with the rest of the world. This work evaluates the effectiveness of the State Aid policy in controlling distortion and competition in the European Union single market. This research work is important in the sense that the provisions of State aid are a key aspect for the development of the weaker regions. Deterring the provision of State aid to such a region may hamper the development of a specific area.

This research concludes that State aid is essential as long as there is no distortion of competition. This work is divided into five chapters. The first chapter will provide an introduction and background to the topic. The second chapter will provide a literature review, wherein the latest information on the topic will be retrieved from the library and web-based sources. The third chapter will describe the methodology adopted in this work. As such, this work relies primarily upon secondary research involving the extant literature on the topic.

This research work will adopt qualitative analysis for its methodology, and the required data will be obtained from secondary sources. The fourth chapter will deal with the analysis of the data culled from secondary sources. The final chapter will contain conclusions arrived at based on the research work. The fundamental principle of the Commission is that every airline should experience the same conditions at the same airport. The object is to ensure transparency and fair competition for all in the air transport single market.

The Commission thinks that fair competition is in place, as long as a level playing field can be established in the aviation sector. The Commission’ s actions against Ryanair had emerged from such considerations. The Commission claimed that Ryanair had paid substantially lower airport charges and ground handling fees at BSCA, in comparison to the other airlines.


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