Essays on Electronic Commerce in Contemporary Business and Government Essay

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The paper “ Electronic Commerce in Contemporary Business and Government” is an informative variant of the essay on e-commerce. The Internet has built an innovative economic system, the e-commerce market, as well as it has turned out to be a huge virtual street in the world. It offers a rapid and suitable method for exchanging products and services both globally and regionally. In the past few years, a lot of established e-commerce based businesses and governments have quickly stolen marketplace share from customary retailers and service providers, forcing these recognized customary players to organize their own commerce sites or to change business strategy in retaliation.

This result is the majority pronounced in travel services and consumer electronics (WikiInvest, 2012). Normally, the phrase e-commerce is employed to explain the business operations that are performed over the web through the applications that depend on the Internet, similar to instant messaging, e-mail, web services, shopping carts, FTP, UDDI as well as EDI, among others. In addition, electronic commerce can be performed between two businesses transmitting goods, funds, services, and/or data or between a business and a customer (Webopedia, 2012). Another definition says “ e-commerce is the process of selling and buying services and products by businesses and consumers over the web.

Normally, this process is divided into different categories such as business to consumer (B2C for instance Amazon), business to business (B2B for instance Cisco) and consumer to consumer (C2C for instance eBay) (InvestorWords, 2012). For this report, I have selected the definition that is presented by (Qi & McGilligan, 2007). According to their viewpoint, e-commerce is the business deals between and among organizations and individuals carried out through digital technologies.

Normally, it is acknowledged as the Internet-based electronic commerce. In this scenario, e-commerce offers numerous benefits for businesses to carry out business activities on the Internet. The reason I have selected this definition is that it gives a proper overview of e-commerce. It is clear from the definition we use digital technologies to perform business deals.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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