Essays on Human Sexuality as a Belief Essay

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The paper "Human Sexuality as a Belief" is a great example of an essay on gender and sexual studies. Human sexuality is the most private matter. This belief dates back to the stone age when people had nothing to wear yet they hid their sexual organs with large leaves. Then if we look back to the nude art of the past centuries, we realize that women have been portrayed covering their breasts and vagina with hands. Today, even the littlest bikini is large enough to cover the sexual organs.   Homosexuality is wrong.

We derive our ethics from the teachings of religion. A vast majority of religions including Islam prohibit homosexuality. Religion tells that the people of Prophet Lut were punished by God because they practiced homosexuality. Since then, homosexuality has been a taboo and has continued to be that to date. I believe homosexuality is wrong because it is against nature. Nature has designed the body of man and woman so that they are meant for having a sexual relationship. Sex is illegitimate until after marriage. Adam and Eve were married, and so were their sons and daughters.

Sex before marriage has been condemned by religions since the earliest times. I believe sex before marriage is wrong because it gives birth to bastards. Life of a bastard, as well as his/her single mother, is full of shame and misery. I chose these beliefs because they represent my personal perceptions of human sexuality. Humans are superior to animals and there should be certain rules and principles that make human sex different from that of animals. I have discussed the same principles in this paper.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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