Essays on Information Technology Security Management and Its Impact on Business Success Essay

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The paper "Information Technology Security Management and Its Impact on Business Success" is a good example of an information technology essay.   In business, there has been great development or growth. As new technology emerges, so does the new systems of managing and operating businesses. So many businesses nowadays use corporate applications as a medium of communication, for bookkeeping and for transactions. It is important to use corporate applications but there is a need to maintain security. This is the reason why it is important to develop ways of managing an organization’ s information technology. The aim of this project was to design and implement server protocols that can satisfy the organization’ s business needs and maintain the security and integrity of the organization’ s critical and confidential data.

Satisfying business needs in this case means designing and implementing system software that will enable internet marketing. The proposal was to implement such a system (Secure Network Infrastructure for e-Commerce) through high-level programming. There were objectives set for the accomplishment of the aims of the project. These were: 1.To research the secure network infrastructure for e-commerce. The research will include academic literature, enterprise publications and books on secure network infrastructure for e-commerce. 2.To analyze and evaluate a secure network infrastructure for e-commerce strategies. Special consideration will be made to external consultants like the IS Integration Ltd which will assist in the creation of the secure network infrastructure for e-commerce. 3.To investigate the benefits of eCommerce and the use of the internet on business. In order to identify the benefits of the new system, research will be conducted on internet marketing methods, online payments and the feasibility study will be conducted at the company 4.To find the assumptions and constraints of the secure network infrastructure for e-commerce. 5.To produce a report containing the High-risk factors involved in IT security Management and recommend ways of improvement. 6.To evaluate the outcome.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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