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Fried Green Tomatoes: Stress and Coping The movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” tells the story of friendship between two sets of women. Ruth and Idgie’s relationship are full of dressing episodes while the friendship that existed between Ninny and Evelyn is health and encouraging. The four women are the main characters in the story, its core theme being the murder of Frank, Ruth’s abusive spouse. In the movie, several characters experience stress as a result of different stressors. Evelyn is stressed by the marriage. Idgie is stressed by the death of her brother, and Ruth is subjected to a lot of suffering by her abusive husband.

The three cases are closely related to what we have studied in class. The stressors in all the three cases are social in nature. In Idgie’s case, the stressor is also the change that came with his brother’s death. Each of the three characters deal mentioned above deal with emotional strain as a result of their different experiences. Ruth is emotionally strained as she attempts to cope with her abusive husband.

Idgie is strained emotionally due to the death of her brother. The characters attempt to cope with their stresses and strains in various ways. Idgie, for example becomes reserved and withdraws from formal interaction even with her close relations. In this respect, her coping method was ineffective as it did not lead her toward overcoming her stress. It is important for characters to better cope with their stresses or stressors especially if it is not possible to ultimately do away with them. In some cases, people may make irrational choices in trying to deal with stressors.

Learning to cope positively with the stressors helps avoid certain ills. In Idgie’s case, there was no way of restoring his brother’s life. This means that she was better placed in copying positively with her loss. By engaging Idgie in a healthy friendship, Ninny managed to help her cope with her situation. In this respect, Ninny offered her social support which is an effective intervention when dealing with stress. ReferencesAvnet J. (1991) Fried Green Tomatoes. Fannie Flagg and Carol Sobieski. Movie.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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