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The paper “ Business Management in E-Commerce” is a convincing example of the essay on e-commerce. There are three main issues with regard to management in IT-related issues. These include risk management, strategic planning, and the assessment of IT needs. Risk assessment forms a very crucial part of management and if not considered, actions taken can lead to wastage of time and resources as well as opportunities for the business to prosper. It is a process that encompasses the assessment of risks involved, their mitigation and evaluation and assessment of the actions undertaken.

After a risk is identified, managers have the role of identifying possible means to reduce the risks or their impacts. Risk helps to minimize risks and maximize any actions that would result in the realization of the opportunities. The measures taken involve risk transfer, risk avoidance, and risk reduction. There are basic things that maintain or attract customers into a business. It is the role of managers to ensure that customer needs are met so as to ensure customer retention. Some of the concerns of customers and other stakeholders conducting business with a given organization include reliability, security, and privacy with regard to the application of IT.

If these risks are not assessed and mitigated, they can result in the downfall of an organization. For instance, where cloud computing is in use, the data is at risk of hackers (Viega 2009. P. 108). Three forms of risks should be mitigated. These include legal, technical, and organizational and policy risks. It is only after their identification that mitigation strategies such as different forms of governance, the setting of procedures and policies, implementation of audit controls, and agreements at service level can be enhanced thereby preventing huge losses that would lead to the closure of organizations.

Armbrust et al (2009 p. 15) state that businesses may close down as customers find them unreliable and seek alternatives. IT implementation and use have many associated risks in addition to the uncertainties as to whether it shall be acceptable and successful. The fact that neglecting risk assessment and mitigation can result in total business failure makes a very important issue of consideration by managers aiming at success.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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