Essays on Impact of Globalization on the United Arab Emirates Report

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The paper "Impact of Globalization on the United Arab Emirates" is a wonderful example of a report on macro and microeconomics. Globalization has brought the world together in terms of trade, communication, education, and culture. We all now live in a global village. Globalization has had very many positive and negative effects on different nations, as they interact with people, organizations, or other nations on a global level. One such country that has benefited immensely and also been affected adversely is the UAE. The UAE is a conglomeration of seven Islamic independent states.

It rose from the third world to become amongst the most successful nations in the world. In a region that is largely avoided due to Islamic extremism and violent political upheavals, the UAE has remained a peaceful nation, attracting millions of investors of all cultures and religions. This influx of expatriates and investors has earned the UAE phenomenal economic success and a fair share of challenges. This paper explores those successes and challenges. IntroductionThe world is becoming smaller every day, at least not physically. A few years back, within the backdrop of our geographical locations and socio-cultural existence, only a spin of the school or office table globe gave most people an opportunity to experience being part of the larger world.

We were mostly confined both physically and in mindset, to our immediate environment, or at least nationally. Even with the decades-old availability of sea and air transport, it has been a challenge for many human beings to view and experience the world as a place where we all belong, as one. The closest we came to learning about and experiencing other people and their countries was through historical and political news.

Everything seemed so far away. The last twenty years has seen such a breath-taking change. Technology has grown at such a phenomenal pace, making it possible for people to access any part of the world within seconds. With the advent of speed jets, speed boats and speed trains, physical travelling to another country or continent is an affordable yet speedy affair accomplished within a few hours. Modern telecommunication systems enable people to make instant telephone calls cheaply, even free, to any part of the world.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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