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Personal ment I am Juwon Hill. I expect to graduate this May with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration major in Economics from the Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. I would like to seek professional advancement by enrolling in the Graduate Program in Economics at the University of Colorado Denver. Pursuing a Masteral Degree in Economics will give me the opportunity to learn more about economics and its application in the business world. With the trend towards globalization, I am convinced that a career in Economics will prepare me for a brighter future.

I will better understand the various economic policies of the different governments. I believe that it will open up opportunities for research while working with a diverse group of people within the University. After graduation from the program, my career prospects will be wider and better. Another reason why I chose the University of Colorado is because of its perfect location, being in the middle of a beautiful city. I know I will have an enjoyable time studying in the University. During my school days at Morehouse, aside from excelling in academics, I was active in extra-curricular activities.

I was part of several student organizations which honed my talents and skills. These activities have made me a well-rounded student. My college career has been a learning experience. I faced many challenges but was able to overcome them and eventually graduate after four years. My resume shows that my work experience is quite diverse. I have worked as a Program Facilitator, Sales Associate and a Veterans Affair Representative.

These jobs exposed me to various aspects of business such as sales, customer service, inventory management and administrative work. My work experience has taught me the value of hard work, patience and teamwork. I made sure that in every task that I am assigned, I always do my best. I view new and difficult jobs assigned to me as a challenge to improve my skills. Through my work experience, I met people of different nationalities; thus, it made me more culturally aware.

In the future I hope to expand my overall understanding of economics. After the Graduate Program, I foresee myself moving on to get a Doctoral Degree in Economics. I intend to combine a career in economics and sports. I also want to expand my personal network by joining school organizations and civic associations. I hope that the University will consider me eligible for your Graduate Program in Economics and look on the merits of my application. I believe that a Masteral Degree from the University of Colorado will help me in the further advancement of my professional career.

In Morehouse College our motto is “Et Facta Est Lux” or translated in English, “And There Was Light”. Likewise, the motto of the University of Colorado Denver (UCD) is “Let Your Light Shine. ” Whether it is coincidental or intentional, I find these two mottos related and probably an indication that I must pursue my graduate studies at UCD because it has the same vision as that of Morehouse. The transition seems to be perfect for my personal and professional growth.

Hopefully, I will be able to shine after graduation at UCD and be a light for others too.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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