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The paper "Reasonable Expectation of Privacy" is a great example of an essay on social science. Evidently, from the “ Reasonable expectation of privacy", individuals are entitled to  privacy not only in their material goods and bodies but also in areas not accessible to the public. The Court of Appeal’ s deed of avowing the conviction on the grounds that there was no physical entrance into the space occupied by the petitioner clearly indicates that it is high time for the standard to be modernized and be in conventionality with the rapid technological vicissitudes and the Fourth Amendment. The electronic recording device attached to the booth transmitted all the petitioner’ s statements to the FBI.

Flagrantly, this indicates how technology can be used in violating the individual’ s right to privacy, a factor that significantly jeopardizes their life and fundamentally, the state security. The high-tech advent predominant in the 21st century implies that searches and seizures that are constitutionally protected can be desecrated without physical entrance or physical intrusion (Katz,   & Whitney 2009). People have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their telephone calls and upgrading the standard to pannier any eavesdropping will be a momentous step in ensuring that the provisions of the Fourth Amendment are endorsed.

Upgrading the standard will encumber and protect individuals against any kind of illegitimate “ digital intrusion” . “ Reasonable expectation of privacy” became preeminent during the 19th century and might therefore not be flexible enough to comprehensively cover the “ digital intrusions” which are currently predominant and not sufficiently covered by the Fourth Amendment (Braman,   2009). It should be exalted to fit the dynamism and vitality of the 21st century. Protecting citizens against any unauthorized individual or state action is imperative and shall meritoriously and proficiently be achieved through upgrading the “ Reasonable expectation of privacy” standard.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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