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IntroductionThis report aims at assessing the fire safety laws of UK and studying that how the law operates internationally as it applies to the fire service. At this juncture, role of globalisation is analysed in affecting the legislative and substantive work of those in the fire & rescue service. Some important ethical considerations in the fire safety issues are identified and seen how they are dealt with in the fire & rescue service. Conclusion of the report summarise the role of the practitioner in a changing world environment is summarised. The ingredients of this report essentially include comparison of UAE’s fire safety law in relation to UK fire safety law, communication of community & fire safety policy in both Abu Dhabi and UK.

It is proper to have a glance on the basic parameters of the two countries. Table showing comparisonshow reducing home industry fire how many deathsHow many firehow many fire stations IndustryPopulation country local50034483manufacturing6.5 million UKpublic3652147oil 4.5 millionUAE United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirate Government is basically responsible for the legislation on fire and safety issues in the country.

The legislation is done in consultation between stake holders, experts on the subject, government functionaries and elected members of the assembly. www. gulfnews. com have reported that the legislation on fire and safety issues produced by the government of United Arab Emirates involves the already in use laws on fire and safety in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia and Hong Kong for banking on the basic parameters and standards. The accepted standards of the national fire protection agency (NFPA) are more relied upon. The fire safety engineers in the United Arab Emirates also depend upon, the British or U. K Standards as contained in the British fire safety regulation and legislation in the Reform (Fire Safety) Regulatory Order 2005 and Fire & Rescue Services Act 2004.

Two basic departments are delegated powers to enact, implement and execute the laws and regulations on the fire safety issues in the United Arab Emirates. This department is called department of civil defence protection. This is also responsible for production of different regulations under the main subject of fire safety regulation.

Emirates in the UAE follow and implement the national legislation that governs the fire safety in the country. Each Emirate has its own ruler who in his own way enjoys a proper degree of autonomy and can legislate on various local laws. The police are responsible for the implementation of emergency services and also held responsible for the execution of quick intervention teams (QIT) that are deployed in the emergency situations in the cities, factories, oil wells and other sensitive installations. The deployment of QIT and emergency services is necessitated where there is an eminent disaster and where there is always high risk of personal injury.

There are many examples when deployment of QIT’s and emergency services is necessitated on. Once there were five people who were killed when a huge explosion occurred with the ripping out of fire works in Dubai’s Al Quos industrial area in March 2007. Incidence had 70 buildings gutted by fire. Again in March 2007 two warehouses in the Al Jaddaf area of Dubai were gutted by fire. In another incidence in March 2007, 4 people sustained minor injuries.

There was another incidence when In April 2008 a fire gutted 183 shops in Naïf Souq in Deira. The other incidences was when the QIT’s and emergency services were deployed are given as below. Luckily, no one was injured because the souq was closed when fire broke out. In September 08 a massive fire broke out at a storage facility of an oil refining company located in Shajah’s Port Khalid. Two people were badly injured in May 08 a fire broke out in a building under construction Dubai’s Internet city.

However no casualties were reported in the blaze at Tecom B construction site.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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