Essays on Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in the California Essay

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The paper "Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in California" is a wonderful example of an essay on social science. To the editor of San Francisco Chronicles: Over the past few months, there has been a wide proposal on the legalization of Marijuana in California. This is a ground-breaking piece of law that each American citizen should back right now. Many citizens do not realize it, but illegalizing the sale of marijuana is one of the main reasons why many people are using it. In fact, a majority of individuals using marijuana purchase more of this substance in the ‘ black market’ .

If this proposed legislation is put into effect, it will not only ensure that the citizens do not abuse the highly important weed but it will enable the government to increase its revenue from taxes as well. The legalization of pot will be a major step in the development of California. Findings demonstrate that marijuana has multiple advantages. The illegalization of marijuana is also a gateway to other hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine that are more dangerous to the human body.

Besides, legalizing Marijuana will cause a consecutive decline in the abuse of drugs such as alcohol and tobacco which cause even more deaths in America than pot. If marijuana is legalized, education will be provided on its long term side effects and therefore many people will not abuse it. The legalization of Marijuana bill has been proposed, and it now needs to be approved. Your voice will be of essential importance in this matter. We would like to embolden you to write or talk to the Congressman and let him know that we support this proposed bill.

The more support the bill gets, the more likely that it will be approved into law. Sincerely,  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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