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As a student in a management course, you are effectively working towards becoming the lead in a future organization, applying the knowledge that you have learned in school to decision making and supervision. The sheer work potential of being in a management course is unhinged, and you can work across vast sectors such as retail, healthcare, government, finance, corporate and investment banking, marketing, leisure, and lifestyle, etc. This makes management one of the most in-demand courses globally, with middle managers and those making the transition to C-suite roles raking in some of the highest annual salaries and performance benefits anywhere. The flipside is that the core courses in management are very demanding, and do require hard work, focus, and access to a wealth of study material. Some of the units that are covered in typical management courses include financial accounting, reporting and disclosures, management theory, principles of marketing, macroeconomics, business information systems, ethics and business law, and decision making. Most of these do contain a good amount of math and case studies to work on, therefore a lack of revision material may hinder a student’s push towards getting a stellar degree.

Our team has provided management study material for years for students doing their bachelors in administration, management, economics, statistics, CPAs and HR professionals. We have worked on assignments for those doing more specialized studies, for instance, those pursuing chartered auditing careers, risk analysts, actuaries, and MBAs in risk management, project management, and healthcare. We have also provided examples to students in Associate Programmes (AAS) in Food and Hotel Management, SME, office management, etc. We avail management essay topics in all these and more, including specialized certified management accountant study materials in financial reporting, risk evaluation, costing, ledgers and balance sheets, budget preparations, and other core modules

 that will assist you to prepare for your CMA exams and professional certifications fully.

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Getting reliable study material on the internet for the complex management course isn’t the easiest feat to achieve. You may need to rely on paper-back textbooks which in most cases are usually too expensive, or the material that you access online may be inadequate. What we offer is a comprehensive range of revision and study resources for your specific interest or specialization. You can obtain this at any time and at a really affordable cost. We work with a wide range of industry professionals which places us in pole position to deliver some of the best business management study material you’ll find anywhere on the internet. This also gives us the unique advantage of being able to cater to the needs of a large array of students specializing in different areas of management.

Project management is one of the most in-demand courses anywhere in the world. We provide project management study material with sample essays and examples in project planning, initiation, execution, control, and monitoring, closure, evaluation, and review. You’ll also access material on how to assess risk, control costs, identify and plan for issues like change and management, the procurement cycle, quality, time and cost, variables and deliverables and a whole host of other modules.

In our collection, there is also a good amount of financial management study material which covers the core courses of planning, budgeting, financial accounting and reporting, auditing, procurement, internal controls, and several key aspects related to project management itself. We have also worked on financial management essay examples on the theories of profit vs. wealth, capitalization in finance, the role of financial intermediaries, financial innovation in the last 100 years (how have approaches changed?), Steve Jobs vs. Tim Cook; differences in their management styles, etc. You can access principles of management study material in the key areas of planning, organization, coordinating, forecasting and leading, and also get a specialized case study of Coca-Cola showcasing the application of Henri Fayol’s “General and Industrial Management (1916)”. If you have specific electives which you need to revise for the UGC syllabus, our study material for the net exam for management will come in handy with worked examples in the scholastic aptitude, reasoning and general knowledge sections of the paper. Some of the key samples that we provide cover the most difficult modules such as:

  • Application of statistics in quality control.
  • Linear programming and Markov analysis.
  • Product life cycle and product mix.
  • Securities valuation.
  • Porter’s generic strategies.
  • Ethics and corporate governance.
  • Customer relationship management.

World-Class Management Essay Topics 

Management essays test your understanding of the real world environment and how certain concepts can be applied and measured in a manner that aids decision making. You are also able to showcase the thought process that you would employ as a manager including putting theory into practice and possibly giving solutions to problems through material learned in class. Our business management essay topics cover such areas as entrepreneurship, technology, global enterprise, moving towards a greener and more sustainable future, the decentralization of the business management unit, social issues in management such as LGBT and gender balance, etc. Project management is all about deliverables and ensuring that the client expectations are met within the given budget and time constraints. Some project management essay topics that you can consider include:

  • How technology directly affects the phase of a project.
  • Realistically developing project goals.
  • The cost-benefit matrix with an actual case study.
  • The role of the modern day project manager in the construction industry.

An extended essay business and management sample are ideal for those who are engaged in long bits of research in IB and need to also provide the most accurate format or structure for their work. Aside from covering major topics such as mergers and acquisitions, product-oriented approaches, labor markets (China, EU, and US), and pricing strategies, these samples are also designed to showcase technical details like how to approach research questions, providing accurate reflections with citations, and formatting requirements.

For our performance management essay examples, we cover the major areas of quality, quantity, risk, cost and time as functions of organizational efficiency.

Specialized Risk Management Study Material & Essay Samples

ISO 31000 defines risk as the effect of uncertainty on objectives. Risk management, therefore, seeks to identify, evaluate and prioritize risks, and effectively coordinate measures to mitigate, reduce, eliminate, monitor and control the possibilities of those uncertain events. We provide risk management study material covering different areas such as the creation of contingency plans, fulfillment of KPI’s in averting HR risk, industry-specific risk, project-risk management, etc. For actuaries and statisticians, we provide insurance and risk management study material in areas such as price volatility and exchange rate fluxes, business interruptions, catastrophes, cyber-security, economic volatility, etc. For disaster management study material, check out our essay sample on “The Maeslantkering: A prime example of environmental disaster preparedness for a 10,000-year storm.” We also offer clinical data management study material covering generation of source data, transcription of clinical site records to CFRs, how to check data for quality, accuracy, and completeness, analysis of data, integration of results and analysis into CSRs and archiving.

Get Riveting Content for Your Management Studies Revision

Management is a wide and varied discipline. Getting comprehensive study material in your local or school library is possible, but possibly quite strenuous. Getting a service that meets the revision requirements of the large majority of students in the various management sub-disciplines is also quite difficult. We aim to combine speed with efficiency, providing specialized assistance with samples, examples and revision papers for students within these various disciplines at an affordable cost. Some of our work aside from the aforementioned examples also includes:

Human resource management study material: Covers topics such as job evaluation and performance appraisal, corporate governance, recruitment, training, disciplinary procedures, industrial relations, HR planning, etc. 

Hotel management study material: Whether you are looking to work in a cruise ship, restaurant, eatery, hospital catering or in a club, you can benefit from our work in topics such as revenue and demand management, sustainable tourism, hotel distribution, etc.

Operations managers strive to streamline and improve the efficiency of processes in organizations. Through our operations management study material, you can learn more about operations strategy, design, delivery, logistics control, etc.  

Supply chain management goes beyond just turning raw materials into final products. It also involves the movement of those finished goods to the end consumer and is concerned with adding value to this process by performing certain operations better. Our supply chain management study material covers such areas as customer relationship management, reduction of lead time, theories such as Resource and Knowledge-based views, channel coordination, Theory of Constraints, and tax efficiency. We’ll also provide you with case studies on companies such as Apple which produce their component parts in Asia, and how Toyota’s strategy for “the car in front of you is always a Toyota” is based on SCM.

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Theirs is a lot of material in the general discipline of management that we have worked on and covered comprehensively. We encourage you to contact our QAD team to learn more about what we can do for you, and also access samples and examples as complementary revision and learning materials.

Management Examples

Human Resource Development Methods
The paper 'Human Resource Development Methods' is a perfect example of a Management Case Study. This paper focuses on the implications of managers assuming key responsibility for HR in Pack and Safe food stores. It attempts to advice how HR to line managers has potential implications for the feasibility of establishment-wide HR strategy and consistency in the handling of day-to-day people issues. …
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Management Accounting Innovation Has Been One of the Core Themes Driving Modern Organizations
The paper 'Management Accounting Innovation Has Been One of the Core Themes Driving Modern Organizations' is a perfect example of a Management Case Study. In current years, the area of management accounting has seen important advancement in the development of the latest and distinguished accounting as well as a control method. These developments comprise of modernizationю. …
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Video Game Console Issues
The paper 'Video Game Console Issues' is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. This report has been designed to provide readers with a thorough understanding of the analysis of the video game console industry in the United Kingdom. The report has been crafted in a manner to include two different segments. Firstly a macro or environmental level analysis.…
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Benefits of Carrying out Careers Fair for Students
The paper 'Benefits of Carrying out Careers Fair for Students ' is a great example of a Management Case Study. Most students are not sure about what career to pursue after completing their educational programs. Careers fair for students has significant benefits in choosing and making the right decision suiting their skills and interest. …
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Regulation for a Changing World of Work
The paper 'Regulation for a Changing World of Work' is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. According to the Australian Occupational Health and Safety Act, every learning institution is obliged to ensure that its employees and all the people interacting with the various elements of its vicinity are protected from any potential. It is, thus, the duty of the management. …
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Consultancy Management Techniques
The paper "Consultancy Management Techniques" is a perfect example of a management assignment. A heuristic is often correct general decisions that people or managers make using very limited available information. They are mainly regarded as shortcuts that reduce the cognitive burden that accompanies the decision-making process.…
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Project Progress Report with Recommendations for the Project of Merging Two Separate Client Services Teams into One
The paper 'Project Progress Report with Recommendations for the Project of Merging Two Separate Client Services Teams into One" is a good example of management coursework. The project that is discussed in this report is about the merging of two teams at my place of work. I work in a multinational organization which provides a wide range of services to corporate clients.…
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People Management as the Management of Their Culture
The paper "People Management as the Management of Their Culture" is a perfect example of management coursework. The common understanding of the role of managers is to ‘manage people’. However, people management entails the management of the different culture of the employees of the organisation. Managers also perform the role of managing the systems of the organisation.…
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The Controls in the Organization
The paper 'The Controls in the Organization' is a great example of a management assignment. To prevent fraud from occurring, the non-profit government organization should strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of internal control. Internal control involves the adoption of procedures and methods in an organization.…
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Theories of Change Management
The paper 'Theories of Change Management" is a good example of management coursework. Change is an inevitable activity in every individual's life. Every business organization must undergo certain particular changes at any point of its internal operations. Change is a gradual process. It does not occur spontaneously.…
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Political Risk and Methods of Risk Management
The paper "Political Risk and Methods of Risk Management" is a good example of management coursework. Different changes occur in the political set up of a country every time a decision is made or when the government of any state adjusts its policies (Kerner & Lawrence, 2014). The changes that take place have both negative and positive effects on the citizens as well as on the businesses within the areas of political changes.…
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Management of Stress and Well-Being at the Workplace
The paper "Management of Stress and Well-Being at the Workplace " is a good example of management coursework. Stress is basically defined as the physical and psychological state that individuals experience when their resources are not enough to meet the pressures and demands of the work environment. On the other hand, well-being refers to the state of being healthy, comfortable and happy all together.…
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Management Accounting and Organizational Sustainability
The paper 'Management Accounting and Organizational Sustainability' is a great example of a Management Essay. Management accounting is a branch of management that entails accounting as well as organizational sustainability and are two very important branches of any organization. The accounting department is basically involved in the assessment of the organization’s profitability. …
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Developing Relationships Networking and Mentoring
The paper 'Developing Relationships – Networking and Mentoring " is a perfect example of management coursework. Group formation and sustenance can be the trickiest of events for an individual to handle because it is not just coming together and accomplishing what is at hand, but it involves many aspects that critically define the success of the participation (Dessler, 1995).…
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Social Influences on Management Theories
The paper "Social Influences on Management Theories" is a good example of management coursework. The majority of management theories are based on the social context. Usually, it is either the organizational culture that the organization follows or the social conditions of the communities they operate in. The scope of the social context varies from one author to the other.…
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Power as a Necessary Facet for Organization
The paper "Power as a Necessary Facet for Organization" is a good example of management coursework. Power can be described as the ability that an individual employs to make other people do what he or she needs to be done. In the context of an organization, a person’s power can be obtained from structural, interpersonal and situational bases.…
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Strategic Human Resource Management in Australia
The paper 'Strategic Human Resource Management in Australia' is a great example of a Management Case Study. The department of human resource management is a fundamental one for contemporary organizations. To remain viable and feasible in modern market environments that are characterized by immense cutthroat competition that is coupled.…
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Relationship between an Organisations External Environment and Its Strategy
The paper 'Relationship between an Organisations External Environment and Its Strategy' is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. Each organization has a distinct structure. The unique structure is a reflection of the history of the company’s, internal politics and reporting relationships. The organizational structure should be able to support the company’s strategy. …
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Cross-cultural Management
The paper 'Cross-cultural Management' is a great example of a Management Essay. Whenever and organization employs people from different geographical regions, there arises the issue of cross-cultural management. Cross-cultural management is al about respecting traditions and culture by implementing new approaches to human resource management. …
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Psychometric Testing Issues
The paper 'Psychometric Testing Issues' is a great example of a Management Essay. “Using psychometric testing for selecting employees for an entry-level job is not a waste of time and effort” Psychometric testing is referred to as mental measurement. The test history and development can be traced back to 400 BC during the time when Hippocrates wanted to elaborate temperament types.…
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Corporate Governance Issues
The paper 'Corporate Governance Issues' is a perfect example of a Management Assignment. Thank you for asking for advice from this organization. After such a lengthy discussion we had with both of you, I highly recommend that you engage in a business partnership. I will give you a brief background on the forms of partnership that are applicable. …
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Organizational Leadership
The paper 'Organizational Leadership ' is a perfect example of a Management Case Study. Organizational leadership is and will always be a fundamental tool for any firm that aims to prosper globally. It is usually challenging and requires a lot of commitment for the firms to sustain continuous competition with related parties. …
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Why Research in Sustainable Supply Chain Management Should Have No Future by Pagell and Shevchenko
The paper "Why Research in Sustainable Supply Chain Management Should Have No Future by Pagell and Shevchenko " is a good example of a management article. The article ‘Why Research in Sustainable Supply Chain Management Should Have No Future’ developed by Pagell and Shevchenko (2014) addresses the concept of sustainable supply chain management.…
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Human Resource Management Policies and Globalization in Australia
The paper 'Human Resource Management Policies and Globalization in Australia' is a great example of a Management Case Study. The increasing connections and reliance on the world’s social and economic structures have made it critical to evaluate human interaction within these respective structures in order to respond to the changes and trends. …
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Advantages of Strategic Project Management
The paper "Advantages of Strategic Project Management" is a good example of management coursework. In an organisation, projects are very critical for success. Through the projects, new or changed products, services or processes are developed (Callahan & Brooks, 2004). Projects make it possible for the sales to increase, enhance customer service and make a better working environment.…
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