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When you hear the word “marketing” the four Ps immediately come to mind, i.e., product, price, place, and promotion. Therefore, the definition of the term can simply be reduced to those activities of an organization that revolve around buying and selling a product or service. The American Marketing Association more specifically defines it as creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, partners and the society at large. Studying to be a marketer will see you cover tough courses such as customer relationships, brand management, market research, budgeting and metrics amongst others. Accessing quality marketing study material whenever you need it is a sure way of beating the deadlock and also gauging yourself relative to other students around the world at your level. We’ve adapted to the needs of students who need marketing essay topics, sample essays, worked examples or even writing help on their assignments.

Our digital marketing study material is quite popular with learners, for the simple reason that the dynamics of trade and commerce have heavily shifted from the traditional office fronts and physical stores to online commerce and social media. We’ll provide you with comprehensive resources on SEO, web analytics, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, conversion rates and affiliate marketing among other study resources…

Marketing Essay Topics Focus on Marketing Research

Marketing research is a number-driven process aimed at identifying marketing opportunities and problems. Collection and analysis of both primary and secondary data is necessary to identify key problem areas in the marketing chain through techniques of sampling, problem definition, analysis and interpretation of data and through other methods like case analysis. Our market research study material helps you achieve objectives such as:

  • Delineating the market research process.
  • Pulling research objectives from the marketing problem.
  • Techniques of primary data collection and where to apply these.
  • Calculating sample sizes for specific research problems.
  • Developing questionnaires.

Through our marketing research study material, you’ll also access sample essays, case studies and examples on:

  • Establishing market potential and developing a marketing research template.
  • Translation of gathered data to derive the solution for a research problem.
  • Preparation and presentation of a research report.
  • Segmentation research: How Apple’s strategy beats Microsoft’s.

Samples for Stock & Capital Markets Study

We have also worked on a variety of other material within the wider scope of marketing, sales, and investments. Examples of what we provide include:

Stock market study material: Price stability, financial markets stability, investment management and qualitative indicators of gains, trade and exchange rates, aggregation of markets, trade, financial instruments, statistical proximity etc.

Capital market study material: You can think of capital markets as dealing with long-term stock, typically invested for a year or longer, or securities that are backed with equity. If you are doing an MBA, this will especially come in handy for you. We’ve covered such topics as mutual funds, REITs, accounting principles in CM evaluation, the efficiency of capital markets etc.

We provide a lot more content for students looking for any academic help in marketing or investment courses. Talk to our experts today to get the best deals and the best quality, all wrapped up in one.

Marketing Examples

Customer Satisfaction at Coles Supermarkets
The paper "Customer Satisfaction at Coles Supermarkets" is a great example of a case study on marketing. Customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of every business enterprise. A lot of research on the field of customer satisfaction has been conducted in the past few years. It has come up with recommendations on what business institutions should do to improve customer satisfaction.…
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Toyota in Australian Market
The paper 'Toyota in Australian Market " is a good example of a marketing case study. The ultimate priority of a company is to make profits. This can be realised through the creation of value to the target market. The creation of value is a holistic process that involves all functional departments. To measure a company’s success, one can use the market share approach as a measure of dominance.…
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Marketing Environment of Apple
The paper 'Marketing Environment of Apple" is a good example of a marketing case study. Apple Inc. manufactures and sells a wide variety of computer software, personal computers and electronics. It has outlets in a number of countries in the world and also has an online retail shop. Its main rivals are Microsoft, Google and Exxon.…
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Alcohol Sponsorship in Sports
The paper “Alcohol Sponsorship in Sports” is an engrossing example of the literature review on marketing. Many alcoholic drinks manufacturing companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars in the USA and the UK to promote their brands and most of this advertising is mainly done during sporting events, a practice that is getting alarming each day with more and more young people.…
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Footwear Industry in Australia - the Effect of Brand Counterfeits on Genuine Brand Equity
The paper “Footwear Industry in Australia - the Effect of Brand Counterfeits on Genuine Brand Equity“ is a  forceful variant on research proposal on marketing. One of the most persistent challenges that continue to face marketers globally and in Australia is that of brand counterfeiting. The incidences of brand counterfeiting and piracy in Australia have been on the rise in the past decade.…
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International Marketing Research Challenges
The paper "International Marketing Research Challenges" is a great example of a marketing essay. Due to the increased expansion of businesses within the international markets, it has become critical for managers to recognize the value of timely and accurate business marketing research to enhance their decision-making processes.…
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Market Diversification Strategy for Compact and Small Car Market in China
The paper 'Market Diversification Strategy for Compact and Small Car Market in China" is a good example of a marketing case study. China is one of the two countries that are most populous in the world and the automotive industry is one of the five biggest industries in the country. The decade has particularly seen a massive growth of this industry which has surpassed many others.…
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The Importance of Various Attributes of the Melbourne Public Transport System
The paper 'The Importance of Various Attributes of the Melbourne Public Transport System" is a good example of a marketing research proposal. Public transport is any system in which passengers do not travel in their own vehicles. This definition is limited by the fact that it does not exclude corporate ownership vehicles.…
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Factors Influencing Users to Switch between Mobile Phone Service Providers
The paper "Factors Influencing Users to Switch between Mobile Phone Service Providers" is a perfect example of a marketing research proposal. Human beings are social beings whose need to relate, share and communicate with others is insatiable. People have over the centuries communicated with one another over varied means verbally and non-verbally through audio or visuals.…
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Competition in Australian Groceries Market
The paper “Competition in Australian Groceries Market” is an intriguing example of the essay on marketing. The Australian retail grocery market has in the recent past been condemned for the rapid increase in the number of processed products as opposed to fresh farm products. The role of competition in the grocery sector was pointed out as one of the causal factors in the debate.…
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Review of Tourism Websites
The paper "Review of Tourism Websites " is a great example of a marketing research paper. The research strives to examine, assess and review the websites of major tourism companies and stakeholders operating in Australia including for the whole of Australia as a country.…
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Marketing Report for E-Trust
The paper "Marketing Report for E-Trust" is a great example of a marketing research proposal. The research was aimed at investigating the perceptions of the respondents on diverse functions including the launching of new products to trusting of electronic transactions. In order to achieve the research objectives, the study utilised a survey of sixty respondents, where structured questionnaires were administered.…
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Chinas Online Retail Marketing
The paper "China’s Online Retail Marketing " is a perfect example of a marketing case study. China is one of the largest world’s export thrust in the arena of business. China’s online retail marketing is swiftly developing although highly fragmented. The online retail stores in China offer such prospects as e-commerce as well as drug retailing.…
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Qantas Consumer Brand Loyalty
The paper "Qantas Consumer Brand Loyalty " is a perfect example of a marketing research paper. In recent times, Qantas, Australia’s largest airline, has witnessed a significant drop in its market share. There has been an increase in competition from other airlines such as Air Australia and Virgin Australia locally, and internationally, Emirates and Etihad have come up as major players that Qantas has to content with (Dorman, 2009).…
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Australian Internet Access Industry
The paper "Australian Internet Access Industry" is an outstanding example of a marketing research paper. The aim of this report is to describe the Australian internet access industry. The first section of the report will give a brief overview of the industry. The second part of the report will deal with an environmental analysis that is the micro and macro environment of the industry.…
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Global Pattern of Trade and the Role of Comparative Advantage in Explaining This Pattern
The paper "Global Pattern of Trade and the Role of Comparative Advantage in Explaining This Pattern" is an outstanding example of a marketing research proposal. The pattern of trade in the global landscape has experienced immense and dramatic shifts in recent decades. This dynamism can be traced back to World War II where the world trade has expanded.…
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Consumer Behaviour for a Hypothetical Product
The paper "Consumer Behaviour for a Hypothetical Product" is a perfect example of marketing coursework. Lifestyle magazines are a rich source of information for young women, especially regarding relationships, careers, and fashion. As such Populist Publishers has launched a magazine targeting women aged between 17 and 25 years in Australia with the hope of attending to the information needs presented in this market.…
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Differences in Buying of Men and Women When They Go for Shopping
The paper "Differences in Buying of Men and Women When They Go for Shopping" is a perfect example of a marketing research paper. The apparel retailing industry has a life cycle which is very short and the retailer can easily make losses if he fails to move with upcoming trends and fashions. This industry requires the fashion store or retailer to understand what is the new fashion and trend for both male and female.…
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The Impact of Algorithmic Trading on Mutual Funds Performance
The paper "The Impact of Algorithmic Trading on Mutual Funds Performance" is an outstanding example of a marketing research proposal. Algorithmic trading, automated trading, or electronic financial markets is the use of computer programs and systems to enter trading orders. This is possible with the computer algorithm that is used to decide on all aspects of orders such as quantity, price, and timing.…
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Mud Mapping Research on Airports, Airlines and Distribution
The paper "Mud Mapping Research on Airports, Airlines and Distribution " is a perfect example of a marketing research paper. Mud mapping is considered to be a concept map that attempts to explain the relationship between variables that are interconnected. In researching airports, airlines and distribution, the author finds it necessary to use the mud map shown below.…
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Expansion of Nokia into Vietnam
The paper “Expansion of Nokia into Vietnam”  is a  fascinating example of a report on marketing. The report first provides an introduction explaining the factors that would make this expansion favorable. It then conducts a situation analysis through the SWT methodology, weighing between the strengths and weaknesses among others of the country against the climate in Vietnam.…
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Developing a Marketing Plan Issues
The paper 'Developing a Marketing Plan Issues' is a great example of a Marketing Business Plan. Marketing plans are very essential in all business marketing practices since they enhance the conduct of successful marketing activities, thus the growth and development of enterprises. This paper is a marketing plan for Wellington Wines for FY2016-17 aiming at having an increment of sales. …
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Customers Selection of Leisure Hotels
The paper "Customers’ Selection of Leisure Hotels" is a great example of marketing coursework. The hospitality industry continues to experience a very high and increased competition in the global economic sector. Many hotels are being established in various places to boost the business environment. The hotel industry remains to be volatile and experiences a fluctuation every year.…
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The Role of Satisfaction in Repurchasing Services in the Airline Industry
The paper “The Role of Satisfaction in Repurchasing Services in the Airline Industry” is a comprehensive variant of the literature review on marketing. The airline industry has achieved tremendous growth in the last few decades with the primary focus on promoting customer satisfaction. Achieving customer loyalty is important in the airline industry.…
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Marketing Part Of Strategic Enterprise
The paper "Marketing Part Of Strategic Enterprise" is a perfect example of a Marketing Research Paper. The second-hand car selling a business in Ballarat, Australia is quite unique in the market since it provides quality second-hand cars that are well maintained, accident-free and with mileage that ranges from 6,000-12,000 for a period of 2-3 years that the car has been operational. …
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