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When you hear the word “marketing” the four Ps immediately come to mind, i.e., product, price, place, and promotion. Therefore, the definition of the term can simply be reduced to those activities of an organization that revolve around buying and selling a product or service. The American Marketing Association more specifically defines it as creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, partners and the society at large. Studying to be a marketer will see you cover tough courses such as customer relationships, brand management, market research, budgeting and metrics amongst others. Accessing quality marketing study material whenever you need it is a sure way of beating the deadlock and also gauging yourself relative to other students around the world at your level. We’ve adapted to the needs of students who need marketing essay topics, sample essays, worked examples or even writing help on their assignments.

Our digital marketing study material is quite popular with learners, for the simple reason that the dynamics of trade and commerce have heavily shifted from the traditional office fronts and physical stores to online commerce and social media. We’ll provide you with comprehensive resources on SEO, web analytics, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, conversion rates and affiliate marketing among other study resources…

Marketing Essay Topics Focus on Marketing Research

Marketing research is a number-driven process aimed at identifying marketing opportunities and problems. Collection and analysis of both primary and secondary data is necessary to identify key problem areas in the marketing chain through techniques of sampling, problem definition, analysis and interpretation of data and through other methods like case analysis. Our market research study material helps you achieve objectives such as:

  • Delineating the market research process.
  • Pulling research objectives from the marketing problem.
  • Techniques of primary data collection and where to apply these.
  • Calculating sample sizes for specific research problems.
  • Developing questionnaires.

Through our marketing research study material, you’ll also access sample essays, case studies and examples on:

  • Establishing market potential and developing a marketing research template.
  • Translation of gathered data to derive the solution for a research problem.
  • Preparation and presentation of a research report.
  • Segmentation research: How Apple’s strategy beats Microsoft’s.

Samples for Stock & Capital Markets Study

We have also worked on a variety of other material within the wider scope of marketing, sales, and investments. Examples of what we provide include:

Stock market study material: Price stability, financial markets stability, investment management and qualitative indicators of gains, trade and exchange rates, aggregation of markets, trade, financial instruments, statistical proximity etc.

Capital market study material: You can think of capital markets as dealing with long-term stock, typically invested for a year or longer, or securities that are backed with equity. If you are doing an MBA, this will especially come in handy for you. We’ve covered such topics as mutual funds, REITs, accounting principles in CM evaluation, the efficiency of capital markets etc.

We provide a lot more content for students looking for any academic help in marketing or investment courses. Talk to our experts today to get the best deals and the best quality, all wrapped up in one.

Essays for “Marketing”

Please Write A One Page Write Up On The Article Enclosed From Wallstreet Journal
Ethics required for business to thrive, survive Article by Shiv K. Gupta “In a free society, a moral foundation is indeed imperative for every organization and every individual, not only for internal governance but also for the establishment of…
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International Marketing Assignment (current Issue)
DRAFT Tylor in the article “Samsungs S4 heads for a Galaxy far, far away” explores the increased properties of the new Samsung galaxy S4 tablet and its features, classified as the best smart phone in the market as yet. The phone that has an 18 inch…
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Personal Selling And Sales Objectives
Personal Selling and Sales Objectives Advertisement and selling of good have always the interest of a marketer to achieve the focussed target at the end of the month. There are several ways of selling a product or a service to customer. Recently,…
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Brand Identity Development
The paper "Brand Identity Development" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. These are a brand of human characteristics, which are in most cases attributed to the name of a certain brand. When brand personality is mentioned, it reflects the sense that a consumer/client can easily relate to the brand.…
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The Integrity of Data and Analysis in Marketing

The paper "The Integrity of Data and Analysis in Marketing " is a worthy example of an assignment on marketing.Marketers should be concerned about the integrity of data and analysis that is provided by the National Household survey. This is because the data is of low quality because Canadians are not willing to provide the surveys with the information required to assist the marketers.

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Competitive Strategies for Service Organizations
The paper "Competitive Strategies for Service Organizations" is a brilliant example of a case study on marketing. ‘Nakha’, is one of the renowned advertising agencies in Qatar and has been very successful over the years. This is because of the effective strategies that it has been incorporated which can be seen to align with its goals.…
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Companies Who Practice Positive Social Responsibility
Companies who practice positive Social Responsibility Affiliation: The article istitled “Steel firms change track on CSR.” It is from a wall street journal in New Delhi known as “livemint…
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Written Assignment On A Case Study-Rangan, V. K., & Yong, S. (2011, November 30). Soren Chemical:
Coracle Marketing al affiliation Coracle Marketing Soren chemical deals with water purification and swimming pool cleaning. Theyhave a new product Coracle that they have introduced to the market. Their initial product, Kailan MW performed so well,…
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Trends In Advertising On Television - What Works - What Doesn't
Article “Bridging the Gap Between Online and Offline Marketing” Source: Multi Channel Merchant. http Author and Date: Kelsey Cox. September 17, 2012 This article…
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Managerial Marketing-discussion Blogs
Managerial Marketing-Discussion Blogs: Social Media Managerial Marketing-Discussion Blogs: Social Media Sledgianowski and Kulviwat, S. (2009) establishes a comprehensive plan on how to utilize the potential in social networking for marketing and…
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Online Marketing
Online Marketing Online Marketing The industry that will be discussed in this essay is the mobile telephone industry. Companies today, including those in the mobile telephone industry utilizes the various social media platforms to increase their…
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Article Summary
iPhones in a Foreign Market The paper summarizes the article ‘Britain turns its back on Android in favor of iOS’ posted in theTelegraph Media Group Limited by Rhiannon Williams on 7th January 2015. The article shows the expansion of the Apple’s…
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Course Project Week 1 MKT
Running Head: Project Week One: Marketing Plan. Our company- the XYZEE Luxury Spa is registered and incorporated in the state of New York as a Limited Liability Company. The company will start with three directors, two managers and 30 employees.…
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Integrated Marketing Communication
Integrated Marketing Communication al Affiliation Integrated Marketing Communication Does the uncertainty over social mediamarketing reflect the expectations of returns for companies or does it show lack of belief in social media? Uncertainty over…
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Market Segments
Market Segments affiliation Market Segments Research ethics is a wide umbrella that deals with the responsible conduct of research and its entire component. Research ethics, therefore, means putting into action moral rules and observation of…
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Reading Notes
Marketing Myopia Introduction Every business entity must be in a position of identifying the exact type of business they are involved in. Theodore Levitt (1975) courageously speaks out on why most big organizations fail along the way. It is all…
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Marketing Blog
Pricing Strategy Pricing Strategy Given the different demographic characteristics of consumers in the market, marketers are normally faced with difficult situations when they want to make prices for every consumer in the market. For this reason,…
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Identifying a Pricing Objective
The paper "Identifying a Pricing Objective" is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. Price is a primary element of product marketing and sales. Pricing objectives offer guidance to the decision makers in planning the pricing policies and setting the actual prices. It is therefore significant for the marketing manager to set a pricing objective before setting the price.…
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