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When you hear the word “marketing” the four Ps immediately come to mind, i.e., product, price, place, and promotion. Therefore, the definition of the term can simply be reduced to those activities of an organization that revolve around buying and selling a product or service. The American Marketing Association more specifically defines it as creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, partners and the society at large. Studying to be a marketer will see you cover tough courses such as customer relationships, brand management, market research, budgeting and metrics amongst others. Accessing quality marketing study material whenever you need it is a sure way of beating the deadlock and also gauging yourself relative to other students around the world at your level. We’ve adapted to the needs of students who need marketing essay topics, sample essays, worked examples or even writing help on their assignments.

Our digital marketing study material is quite popular with learners, for the simple reason that the dynamics of trade and commerce have heavily shifted from the traditional office fronts and physical stores to online commerce and social media. We’ll provide you with comprehensive resources on SEO, web analytics, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, conversion rates and affiliate marketing among other study resources…

Marketing Essay Topics Focus on Marketing Research

Marketing research is a number-driven process aimed at identifying marketing opportunities and problems. Collection and analysis of both primary and secondary data is necessary to identify key problem areas in the marketing chain through techniques of sampling, problem definition, analysis and interpretation of data and through other methods like case analysis. Our market research study material helps you achieve objectives such as:

  • Delineating the market research process.
  • Pulling research objectives from the marketing problem.
  • Techniques of primary data collection and where to apply these.
  • Calculating sample sizes for specific research problems.
  • Developing questionnaires.

Through our marketing research study material, you’ll also access sample essays, case studies and examples on:

  • Establishing market potential and developing a marketing research template.
  • Translation of gathered data to derive the solution for a research problem.
  • Preparation and presentation of a research report.
  • Segmentation research: How Apple’s strategy beats Microsoft’s.

Samples for Stock & Capital Markets Study

We have also worked on a variety of other material within the wider scope of marketing, sales, and investments. Examples of what we provide include:

Stock market study material: Price stability, financial markets stability, investment management and qualitative indicators of gains, trade and exchange rates, aggregation of markets, trade, financial instruments, statistical proximity etc.

Capital market study material: You can think of capital markets as dealing with long-term stock, typically invested for a year or longer, or securities that are backed with equity. If you are doing an MBA, this will especially come in handy for you. We’ve covered such topics as mutual funds, REITs, accounting principles in CM evaluation, the efficiency of capital markets etc.

We provide a lot more content for students looking for any academic help in marketing or investment courses. Talk to our experts today to get the best deals and the best quality, all wrapped up in one.

Essays for “Marketing”

International marketing plan guide
International Marketing Plan Guide Marywood was established as a private affiliated to the Roman Catholic in 1915 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It has grown over the years to its present academic program ranking that is governed through four colleges…
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Social Marketing
Social Marketing Contents Contents 2 Target Audience 3 Campaign Focus and Objectives 3 SMART Objective 4 Works Cited 6 of professor Name of course Date Social Marketing Target Audience Air pollution is a problem that encompasses a wide number of…
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Strategic Marketing Alliances
 Strategic Marketing Alliances PART A A strategic alliance is formed when two or more partners get involves. They are several kind of alliances namely service, promotional, logistics and pricing collaborations alliances. Pricing…
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Exam questions
Task Exam Questions Consumers will always buy what is essential to them regardless of the marketing efforts. For example, consumers will always find a way of purchasing needs such as food, water, and electricity units no matter what a certain…
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Probability Sampling
Probability Sampling Target population In any survey, it is necessary to accurately identify the target population s that the survey can be effective in terms of helping to derive the appropriate data needed for understanding the larger population…
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Infiniti in russian and US market
s Essay, 24 February Conclusion Nissan is among the world’s most popular motor manufacturers and has been in among the leaders in the market segment for quite some time now. The brand has used various strategies over the years to get to where it is…
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Market Research Implementation Plan for Wal-Marts Business Venture in India
 Marketing Research Implementation Plan Survey Instruments In order to do an effective market research for Wal-Mart’s business venture in India, questionnaires and Likert Scale will be used as the most effective survey instruments for conducting the…
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Principles of Marketing: Dynamic and Fixed Pricing
Principles of Marketing: Dynamic and Fixed Pricing       Dynamic pricing are defined as adjusting prices which are enhanced to meet the needs and characteristic of individual customers and the prevailing situation. In contrast the fixed pricing…
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Purchasing Policy of the San Bernardino IT Department
 Purchasing Policy The San Bernardino IT Department will purchase the products and services needed by the different departments. The policy is divided into four areas. The areas are purchasing requisition, supplier selection, store…
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Kids Getting Older Younger
Marketing Kids getting older younger Introduction Technology and innovation have made it easy for not only adults but also kids to see all kinds of promotional messages especially through media platforms like the internet. Most children in the past…
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Marketing Problem Faced by MetalCoat
Marketing Problem Faced by MetalCoat Introduction Trujillo Group is a new company, owned by Carla, and it conducts marketing for some small software companies. Though at the early stage, it was easy for Carla to sale the software products, but with…
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Homework Assignment
Running Head: assignment Promoting Healing Hands Inc. of the of the of the IntroductionSilverstein’s business plan is inspired by what she had felt and received during her period of pain and recovery. As such, the promotional campaign of her massage…
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It should be presented as a Journal opinion article. The article should be timely and address an economic issue of current interest to Wall Street Journal readers. Read several articles in the Op Ed section of the Wall Street Journal for reference
Economy According to Wall Street Journals, it can be d that in the recent years, there have been a period of economic boom or a financial bubble, which has so far caused the collapse of financial institutions globally. The articles further…
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Integrated Marketing Communication
Answer 1a The five consumer goods and services that are segmented on the basis of gender, but are sold to both genders are as follows Deodorant and perfumes/ colognes 2. Gardening supplies 3. Books 4. Automobiles/bikes 5. gadgets Answer 1b…
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Discuss in detail the total product Gaps model and the potential causes of the various gaps. Identify and explain the characteristics of services that make some of these gaps difficult to address and discuss how firms may attempt to resolve the ga
Discuss in detail the total product Gaps model and the potential causes of the various gaps. Identify and explain the characteristics of services that make some of these gaps difficult to address and discuss how firms may attempt to resolve the gap.…
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Describe any product and two elements of its marketing mix (product and price) and how they are used that makes this product successful
Marketing Mix The marketing mix is a logical structure that a marketer adopts to be successful in the marketing field. Itis a cumulative combination of the various kinds and levels of marketing variables that an organization may use at any given…
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Copier Paper Report
Presentation on Copier Paper Report Affiliation: Introduction As a quality analyst at John and Sons Company, I understand that my job description entails looking at products, looking at systems, and looking at materials in order to ensure that there…
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Chianti Healthy Lifestyles
Assessing lifetime value al Affiliation Assessing lifetime value I Analysis and Recommendation The average lifetime value of a customer whose initial purchase is less than $50 As determined, the Lifetime Value of an average newly acquired customer…
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Marketing: Mergers The Charter Communications Inc. and the Time Warmer Cable Inc. are planning to merge as communicated by the top executive of the two companies (Ramachandranand, 2015). According to Charter chief executive Rutledge Tom, the company…
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Marketing: Design of Desire
Design of Desire Many of us have this unquenchable thirst for buying things no matter what the situation we are in. We cant just get away from the thought of buying materials how much ever we restrain ourselves. It is a common thing that we have…
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Analyzes the theme or an appeal for the product to the specific target market and the desired response.My organization is Metropolitan Opera company
Advertising Appeal Advertising Appeal Metropolitan Opera intends to use the AIDA model in its campaign. The company will adopt various stages as outlined herein. The company intends to create awareness: publicizing the product to the market and funs…
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Apple Marketing Introduction I am one of the biggest fans of Apple’s gadgets. I have Apple’s laptop, Apple’s iPad, and Apple’s iPhone 6. I am a returning customer of Apple Company and my loyalty is deep-rooted in the exceptional quality of products…
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Situational Analysis on Travelodge Hotel, to include SWOT, PESTLE, Porter's fiveforces
Situational Analysis on Travelodge Hotel Introduction The dynamics in structure, management and external environment are some of the aspects that significantly influence the operations of firms. These are key factors that determine the performance of…
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Individual Report 1.A
Mobile phones in South Korea By Introduction There are several global marketing theories that have been used to carry out sales. Due to increase in the volumes of sales of mobile phones that occurred in 2014 in Korea, there has been increase in the…
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The Human Resource Function of a Retail Store
Human Resource and Retail Store Human Resource and Retail Store In general, the human resource function of a retail store is charged with the responsibility of collaborating with the rest of the teams. The sole purpose of such partnerships is to…
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