Essays on The Ethical Justness of America Counterterrorism Research Proposal

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The paper "The Ethical Justness of America Counterterrorism" is an outstanding example of a law research proposal. This research study wants to explore the legal and ethical dimension strategy which is used by America against terrorism. In order for us to achieve this, the following objectives will give us guidelines which to follow. The first objective will be to develop a framework through which counter-terrorism policy can be analyzed, this is majorly to determine main policy approaches used by different nations and specifically America. Second objectives are bi-directional nature of world policies and counter-terrorism.

We will explore how these policies counteract with other policies like economic and social policies. Lastly, we will explore the ethical and legal implications it comes with. Literature review The study of criminology and terrorism has been studied by many scholars to try and understand the reason why human being commits crimes like terrorism. (Quinney, 1979 Cressey, and Sutherland, 1966; Hirschi, 1969; Lemert, 1951; Bonger, 1916; Shaw & McKay, 1969; 1966; Beccaria, 1986); Lombroso, 1972; Sellin, 1938) Durkheim, Merton, 1938 Colvin, 2000) and whether justice should or should not be done to terrorist still remains subject of discussion.

The relevancy of justness has brought a lot of public debate after the 11/9 attacks which in America which left so many innocent people dead. This has lead to the adoption of policies, regulations on counter-terrorism both at the national level as well as international level and regional level. The main debate here is whether the security can be maintained while respecting the rights and liberty of people. Some authors argue that the full extent of respecting people’ s rights and liberty will actually jeopardize the government from exercising its discretional powers of providing security to his citizens.

Others also argued that sacrificing only a few rights and freedom is like a small gift we give for our security sake. (Kofi Annan 2005) The case of habeas corpus court cases of Guantanamo bay detainee which took [place in U. S.A in references to just but recent us supreme organ court (US supreme court, Boumediene et. Al. v. Bush President of the United States et al. , No. 06-1195, and 12 June 2008), Justice Antony said that security and liberty can be reconciled.

President Obama promised to free soldiers and these detainees but so far that has not been achieved for security reasons. Research Methodology The research method to be used will give two aspects that can deliver input for easy identification of some legal and ethical setbacks. I will use quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. I will use face to face interview and the group population will be twenty key players in this field anti-terrorist unit which will include; police, intelligent service, judges and other personnel or any other relevant stakeholders.

I will use questionnaires structured interviews to collect data on the various places of anti-terrorist. Second, the open-ended questionnaire I will use with smaller groups in order to get to the in-depth of their experiences while interviewers will be a high-class group on their experience with terrorist and human rights groups. Some of the question in the questionnaire will include, Rights of individuals and the security which one comes first? Are there safer ways in which terrorism can be reduced?

What are some of the ethical implications of dealing with the terrorist? ConclusionThe terrorist threat is a major world concern and threats the general peace and security in the world, but attempt to deal with the criminal groups have often received setbacks from a human right activist. Hope the amicable to study the underlying ethical and legal issues on this matter will materialize. American, in particular, is against the issue of terrorism and at the same time advocating for human rights to be respected and obeyed, the balancing the two issues have been a big headache for most presidents in U. S.A

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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