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The paper "Statistics, Politics, and Policy" is an outstanding example of an essay on social science. This paper seeks to detail my perspective on the role of statistical analyses to support public policy decision-making as a future psychologist in the new era. Statistics, policy, and politics study the manner in which public policy decisions are driven by statistical analysis. There are various significant research publications on statistical ideas application to issues that relate to the implementation of policy and decision making. The increasing complexity and amount of data are consistently creating new constraints for statistical thinking in policy problems.

Although various academic statisticians share their latest models and methods among themselves, minimal attention has been accorded to the usefulness of those statistical models and methods to inform public policy decisions, as well as what the approaches of statistics may be the most effective in designing the procedure of policy implementation (Banks et al. , 2010). In the sphere of public policy, statistical methods and models are in most times received as given, with minimal attention to all the assumptions, variations, and effects of different statistical methods and models in various contexts.

However, it is in the sphere of policy that statistical debates can indicate great impact and value, and the statistic intersection and public policy is a fertile ground for research and statistical analysis to address significant concerns and policy issues that may have massive ramifications (Banks et al. , 2010). As a journal, Statistics, Politics, and Policy will apply a mix of approaches and voices in order to reach a broad audience. This journal seeks to open up communication avenues between policymakers and statisticians on questions that intrigue the public interest.

The journal appeals to policy analysts, statisticians, and other interested parties in a powerful and implicit way in which statistical thinking influences decision making which impact on many public life aspects. The role of statistical analyses in supporting public policy decision-making is hence inevitable since statistical analysis explores the statistical methods and thinking that is often applied to issues of public policy. Statistical analysis also presents innovative policy ideas on daily public issues and hence supports public policy decision making.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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