Essays on Tar Baby by Toni Morrison Book Report/Review

The paper "Tar Baby by Toni Morrison" is a wonderful example of a book review on literature. The setting of chapter ten is at the Street’s house where Jadine has a conversation with Margaret and Ondine. Ondine and Sydney are disappointed that Jadine has to leave. Remarkably, they expect her to show some gratitude for the help they offered her when she was young. Jadine is still unsure about what to do, whether to fly to France or stay. Previously, as the chapter starts, Jadine prepares to travel to L’Arbe de la Croix. While on the island of Dominique, she is unsure of whether she is supposed to leave Son owing to their cultural differences. Jadine is on a quest to seek her independence by starting a new career in Paris. On the other hand, Son is disappointed with Jadine’s plans. 

“Aloneness tasted good and even at a table set for four, she was grateful to be far away from his original-dime ways, his white-folks-black-folks primitivism. How could she make a life with a cultural throwback, she asked herself and answered No way” (Morrison 275).
The quote is significant because it evidences that Jadine is grateful to be far away from Son, whom she now sees as a ‘cultural throwback’. Jadine searches for a self-identity, especially because her life was entangled in the constructs of the White social order. She reaffirms that she wants a separate life from Son, who she feels holds back her plans for success. She feels better alone than she felt with Son and his uncultured ways. Jadine is cultured, and her mindset is that of a cultured and liberalized White person, but Son still has ethnicity issues because his behavior is deeply entrenched in the Black culture that is characterized by an inferiority complex. Jadine does not see any future in their relationships considering Son’s mindset. 

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