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The Twilight of Equality Review The work is about neo-liberalism and the performance of the American economy over theyears from when it began its actual economic potential after the attainment of independence. There have been several liberal movements from the feminism, gay liberalism, and now this is about the economic liberalization in totality of its economy and economic performance. The thesis is about the government in collaboration with big unions and the efforts that were made to make every business practice liberal to enhance the better living of the citizens.

The thesis of neo-liberalism began in the US where it was later adopted in the English states as a measure to open up financial and economic markets. The audience of the book or article is the democratic front with politics coming into play. It covers the audience of the 20th and the 21st century, revealing several aspects about unions, treaties and agreements that the American government made with other stakeholders, within borders and outside borders as well. The book also covers the political front in the American government and their influence on the economic and social performance of both the state and democracy in the business and financial sector.

The institutions that make up the democratic economic form are addressed and the public entity of the American people and their perspectives on liberalism and democracy of businessThe author has used several reports that indicate the agreements and treaties that the American government made to base the argument. The writer has used aspects of culture and history, more of which are from historical materials to support the concepts of neo-liberalism. The Acts of the constitution have also been referred to by the author as a basis on how the government and state need to handle the whole issue of neo-liberalism.

The author has also done comparison on the state of liberalism from the first. Works citedLissa, D. The Twilight of Equality: Neo liberalism, Culture Politics and Attack on Democracy. Boston: Beacon Press Limited. U.S. A. 2010. Print9th century up to the current 21st century.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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